Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A nice little walk - not!

Tattie on a walk
What a good idea to go for a walk. A perfect way to get things going and to cheer yourself up when the days are grey and getting dark. But not if you are taking the Wickedest Whippet, Sassy aka EBJ with you. A good walk ruined.

To start with she pulls like a train on her lead and lunges out across the road causing a driver to swerve and holler some presumably  helpful  information at me accompanied by hand gestures. I wave and smile as the car hurtles away  only just negotiating the 90 degree bend in the road before it disdappears from view.
We cross over into the wood and onto the footpath and just after everyone else has crapped and just when I run out of bags she decides it is her turn and I have to do that thing where you have to reopen a bag.
Not nice.
Out of the wood I usually let the dogs off and in a complete daze I also let the EBJ off.
Stupid move.
All I can say in my defence was that I was trying to work out what the man in the car had been shouting; it looked like: "Choo Miaow" judging from the way his mouth moved.
Anyway I spent the next 20 minutes yelling for the dog to come back and not going anywhere. Just as I had given up and started to go home she lolloped up beside me whreupon I put her firmly back on her lead.
Thinking it was a bit mean onthe tother three dogs not to go on a walk I decided to continue.
I got lulled into a false sense of security and thinking that she had probably exhausted herself. I let her off again and everythign was OK. She stayed relatively close.
Everything was fine until I decided to return home. She being way ahead I called and waited for her to run back which she did amazingly. But just as she came up to me my old gorl Tattie did something stupid. She mock rushed at Sassy to stop her. Tattie tryng to assert her authority and it all went horribly wrong.
A dog fight: the second in a month.
£130 later...
Both dogs are seperated. DAP is flowing round the house in ever increasing quantities and I am contemplating what is to be done.


Expat mum said...

Oh dear. I'm seeing a pattern here. Not good.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh dear oh dear! We wont take ours out together - Elsie would just go for poor Freida - would be lovely, but we can't. In an ideal world and all that - my sentiments are with you xxx

Marcheline said...

Google this word: HALTI

That can solve both problems, as long as you don't let them both free at the same time.

Spencer Park said...

I took my friend German Shepherd for a walk the other day - a big mistake.

She shot off like a rocket when I let her off. I had no idea where she went and was searching for half an hour - with no luck.

I was contemplating how I would tell my friend I had lost his treasured dog and decided some dutch courage was needed and retreated to the local pub.

When I entered I was amazed to see the lazy hound lying in front of a lit fire being fed tit bits from the locals!

About Last Weekend said...

Oh dear. You're brave though having dogs, I have enough trouble corraling (sp?)my kids

Nora said...

I only have one dog and he thinks he owns me. I'm sure he would feel very threatened if I got another dog. I would worry about them getting into a fight. That's what stops me when I feel the urge to adopt another dog. Besides, I couldn't afford the vet bills. Too bad for you. XOX

Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear. Seems like your household is always an accident waiting to happen. Which it frequently does.

Sorry you are having so many misadventures.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

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