Sunday, 6 November 2011

T'internet - just another little moan...

There we have it t'internet; and it is exactly that in our little backwater in the UK. Half a meg and £25 per month for the privilege. Bet there are a lot of other people out there who are paying through the nose for not very much. Have a look at some of those test your broadband speed sites and see if you are really getting what you paid for. It is quite scary how many people are not!
One of my favourite sites is Broadband Speedchecker despite what TalkTalk, BT. Virgin, Sky and various others say in my area you cannot get decent broadband speeds because we are too far away from the exchange. Doesn't stop the phone companies from trying to promise things they can't deliver and they will fudge the language around so much that in the end you land up thinking the whole lot are a load of charlatans.
There are a number of black spots in the UK and around those a whole load more brown spots, places where you can get broadband but not as fast as they will try to lead you top believe.
So before you sign up to a two year contract mosey on down to the speed checker sites for your area and challenge what these companies are selling cos in the end the small print is going to say its your own fault for not looking at the semantics in the first place!

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