Friday, 24 December 2010

Still believing in Father Christmas...

In a minute now I will go to bed crossing my fingers that I have covered tracks and that the magic of Christmas stays magic of yet another year.
The Boy is getting to the age of unbelief and I have been trying to help him to hold on. He’s heard the rumours of course and challenged me in the car on the way back from School.
The Boy: “The boys at school say it’s not Santa but your Mum and Dad
Me: Really. “Why on earth should we do that? I mean why should we put all those presents, some of which we don’t even like, wrap them then sneak into your rooms at dead of night when we would much rather be sleeping? And to top it all you know we hate it when you wake us so early so why should we get you all excited?!!!” (I believe in being prepared and a little long winded but it covers all bases and seems to have the desired effect…)
The Boy: “Oh. I hadn’t thought about that…”
Today he was in the car with Charlie, off buying presents of his own when he suddenly turned to his Dad and apropos of nothing said: “Dad, have I been a good boy?”
Dad slightly bewildered and not quite up to speed: “Yes you’ve behaved yourself today, why is there something wrong?”
The Boy: “No I was just worried all I would get was coal if I had been bad.”
It took Charlie the whole journey back from the shops to work this one out! (For those not brought up in the North, Father Christmas does not give naughty little boys and girls presents he leaves them coal instead!)
This evening both boys went to bed like little lambs with their father’s warning ringing in their ears: “If you don’t go straight to sleep Santa will not come, he’ll miss us out and fly on by and you wouldn’t want that would you?”
Chorus of two wide eyed little boys: “Nooooooo!!!”
Angels went straight to sleep and not a murmur or a peep have we heard…
Hope Santa has been good to you all. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


Martha said...

Ah...keeping the magic gets harder and harder, but I think we squeaked one more magical Christmas out for our youngest!!

Merry Christmas!

(Can't believe it is almost 7am Christmas morning and I'm the ONLY one awake!!)

Tattie Weasle said...

Martha - I can't believe it was 7am and you were the only one awake! Mine had us up at 5.30 am and they didn't stop until forced to bed at 8.30pm - exhausted but happy I think!

Rob-bear said...

About 7:00 a.m. is a respectable start for any day, even if the natives are restless (or even revolting).

Hope you and your house had a truly grand time, Tattie.

Posie said...

Merry Christmas Tattie, this was the first year of none of our lot believing....but the magic was still there, and the excitement, so it does work out, have a lovely time xx

Expat mum said...

My poor Little Guy was threatened by his teen siblings that if he got up before 8am they would beat him to a pulp. (Or words to that effect.) The little lamb woke up at 5.30am and then stayed in his room till almost 8, when I was suddenly informed of what was going on.
I rescued him then sent the dog into the teen rooms to lick them awake. Ha!

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Having warned our son of the likelyhood that santa might not come round this Christmas, we woke up around 8 and said, I think Santa's been.
Son "I know that, I don't believe in this naughty or nice nonsense. I knew he'd be here."
And so he was.
Happy New Year if I don't get back online before then.

Mummysquared said...

Lovely. I hope they had a magical day and that they keep believing in the magic for a little while longer! I still do.

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