Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Love is...letting your wife lie in

Today I didn't get up until 12 noon and then I had lounged about in a bath until 1.30pm. It was utter bliss. Yes, of course, I could hear the boys shouting and arguing but they didn't come up to me to get it sorted. For today my husband gave me the day off. I just read, nothing high brow of course just an easy read or should I say romp with an old Fiona Walker  bonk buster called French Relations. I've nearly finished all 794 pages.
There's nothing like curling up with a book that is easy to read and highly entertaining at the same time. It's one I have read loads of times but I like the characters and the story, they are familiar and safe. Perfect for a tired, stressed out Mum, living in the depths of the chill winter countryside.
I feel relaxed and almost eager to get going again. Ready to take on all sorts including the cleaning, shopping, cooking and general stuff required before this weekend.
Do you know the best part about today? I wasn't expecting it so it came as a heavenly surprise. I do believe that my husband listened to me and realised that I needed a break. Or more importantly he knew he had to get me on side, for tomorrow my in-laws arrive!
Whatever the reason it was wonderful.


resewn sally said...

Whatever the reason, it's lovely when they let you have some time out. You need to look after yourself as much as everyone else. Glad you got some relaxing time, and hope the rest of the week goes without too much stress. ((hugs))
Sal. X

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sounds heavenly !

CherishedbyMe said...

How lovely......hope the day with the in laws went okay. :)

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