Thursday, 30 December 2010

How to keep your New Year Resolution!

It’s all about semantics.
How you say your New Year’s Resolution, No point saying “I’m going to give up chocolate” when you know going cold turkey is just not feasible when you have a stash of over a 100 weight in the cupboard from Christmas. I mean that’s just plain ludicrous as is saying you are going to join a gym when you have neither time nor money and the fact the gym is in a completely different town from where you live.
Best thing to do is make your resolutions as fuzzy as possible for example: I will lose weight this year. In fact you are bound to lose weight in the year there again you may also regain it but by saying you will lose weight doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be held to account if you do gain weight. You never said that you would not regain it only that you would lose it.
Same goes for chocolate nothing saying that you cannot give it up but just be careful that you don’t paint yourself into a corner. “I will give up chocolate” seems a fait acompli but if you say “I will give up chocolate on Fridays” gives you more of a fighting chance.
It’s all about timing
When you start your resolution or the time frame within which your resolution will run are very important factors in aiding your ability to succeed. (See giving up chocolate on Fridays)
Trying to give up something immediately without proper preparation is a hiding to nothing especially if the thing you are trying to give up is actually secreted somewhere in the house. Best to say I will give it up from February, this give you the chance to prepare for the giving up and allow yourself to indulge in one last feast/binge.
It’s all about whether you really want to…
No point doing anything unless you really want to as you will not have the will power to do it and as well as fighting off cravings or the like you will also be fighting yourself and you know that however much you try you will win out in the end and not in the right way!

Did any of my resolutions work this last year? And what will be my resolutions this year?
Well obviously the nose picking one did not go. I hate to admit that even though I know it is a horrid habit I must secretly enjoy it otherwise I wouldn’t carry on.
Carrying a hanky about, an organisational step too far I fear for 2010…
Playing the “House of the Rising Sun” on my guitar – what and idiotic one for me when the heck do I even get to tune the ruddy thing let alone play it!!!
Strangely enough I did manage to uphold one of my resolutions last year and that was not to wear grey underwear ever again. It really helps when you gather the old stuff and burn it so that the feat physically impossible.

As for 2011:
I won’t be ambitious this year all I’ll say is
Write THAT book!!!


Preseli Mags said...

Sensible advice. I didn't make any resolutions last year but sort of kept to the ones from the year before - keep losing weight, keep on running. I like fuzzy resolutions. They're so much easier to keep. Happy new year (and good luck with the book!)

Kitty said...

Right, what I think is: the thing with most resolutions is you're setting yourself up for failure from day 1. Last year I decided to never assume or presume anything (which is probably just a way of saying, if something should be done, just do it yourself, no bugger else will do it!). And this year, my resolution is 'be kind to yourself'. I'm not perfect, I'm frequently wrong. And which of us isn't? Similarly 'Do my best' features in the list, I'll feel so much better if I'm not half-hearted about anything. Even I can manage those two! Happy New Year, lovely friend xx

mollygolver said...

I have just read a quote somewhere which said something like, 'May all our troubles be like New Year Resolutions and then they won't last very long!' My troubles should be short and sweet in 2011 - Tattie, hope yours are too!

Von said...

Give up chocolate?? What sort of resolution is that? Never.

Go on you know you want to...


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