Sunday, 5 December 2010

Review: Thinking Slimmer - All I have to do is believe....

All I have to do is believe, believe that this time I will stick to my guns and that I will be able to lose weight...hmmmmm been here before and tried and failed and then made myself sick...
But this time all I am being exhorted to do is listen to a CD/podcast before I go to sleep. I am not being asked to give up anything as such nor am I being asked to eat only meat/veggies/tofu, just listen. It's got to be the oddest way to start changing my eating habits but the one thing that made me want to try this was because on the Thinking Slimmer website it said in big bold letters that dieting doesn't work.
Well actually it said that: Research has proven that diets don't achieve lasting weight loss. Now isn't that refreshing to have from a company helping you to lose weight. There seems to be an honesty about it. I am not saying that the marketeers for other weight loss programmes /foods/drinks or shakes are wrong or bad by saying their product does help you  to you lose weight just that I like the way the guys at Thinking Slimmer think. It proves what I have always thought that there is no easy way to do these things you have really got to want to do them not rely on a magic panacea.
So I have my handbook.  I have written my contract to myself and it's pinned up for me and everyone else to see in the kitchen. And I have my CD. Now let’s hope that it works...

Contract to self reads: 

I will achieve my goals of:
1 Weighing 9st 8lbs
2 Running for fun
3 Writing THAT book

And I will achieve them by this date:
Easter 2011


Cait O'Connor said...

I want to write THAT book too.
Good luck with your goals.

Rob-bear said...

This being the Second Sunday of Advent, our pastor shared some thoughts about Peace. His point is that peace begins within our own hearts; if we are not peace-filled people, we cannot bring peaceful change to ourselves, let alone the world.

May you peacefully go about your goals.

Oh, yes; as for THAT book, I'm writing mine one post, er, chapter, um, make that story, at a time.

Jude said...

I'm trying to lose some weight too. I'm helped by the fact that my husband has to be on a permanent extremely low fat diet, but it really isn't easy for me, having no will-power. Best of luck with it!

mrsnesbitt said...

I lost 115lb with Slimming World and was on course - then I get a cold and have been "feeding" the cold as my mum always taught me. Ahem - kicking back into action! Good Luck - it's not easy.

Tattie Weasle said...

Cait - I have been waqnting to write THAT bvook for years now I have an incentive to at least get it started - oh heck am I backtracking already???!!!
Rob-bear - peace filled people I love that phrase and would love to be peace filled. I shalll go about peacefully adn give my family a rest!
Jude - I have little will power just hoping this will work or at least boost my depleted will power a little to get me over the humps!
Mrs Nesbitt - Always feed a cold, problem is what does none feed it?...Chocolate? I'm afraid that's what I do....naughty tattie!
Think 15lbs off is amazing, hoping I will be able to achieve the same...

mrsnesbitt said...

Full stop didn't show - was 11.5lb lost - goodness knows how much I have put back on - will know on Wednesday - I will be good tomorrow & Wednesday! lol!

Spencer Park said...

I had a similar list! I never wanted to achieve any magical weight but I did want to lose weight and started to run to do it. I used to hate running but I'm now at a stage where I miss it when I can't get out.

And, I also want to write THAT book!

In fact I've written it but it needs a lot of work and bravery if I'm ever going to send it to agents!

Good luck to you!

Tattie Weasle said...

Mrs Nesbit - Only 11.5lbs ONLY!!! I still think that is amazing!!!
Spencer Park - Go on get an agent or why not try authonomy??? Or even the writes group on BMB...don't let it just lie there!

Go on you know you want to...


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