Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ugh! Horrid, horrid people!

The EBJ's litter - all together!
Sometimes you know before you've even spoken that the person in front of you just, well you just aren't going to like each other. So it happened to me today.
Today I was meant to sell a puppy and I didn't. I just couldn't do it and thank god I didn't have to be rude because they decided they weren't going to go for it however, I still think it was a narrow escape for Tucker.
I had been speaking on the telephone to the potential owner who lives a good two hours from me for two weeks trying to organise for her and her daughter to come up and see the pups. She was only interested in a boy and seemed to be ideal. Living in the countryside, plenty of time for a young dog, plenty of people top look after him should she and her husband go away etc. It seemed a match made in heaven.
Anyway finally she and her daughter make it to Suffolk and they park up outside the house giving it a good once over before marching to the door. The daughter must be 10 years older than I and built in the traditional country tweed set manner large, ruddy faced with a severe haircut. Lots of no nonsense. The mother frail and slight but with an indomitable will. A formidable pair.
There was much curiosity about the house in fact more about that than the puppies who obviously weren't enough like Golden retrievers to be really looked at let alone appreciated.
Now I know a sleepy puppy is hard to gauge but I did my best I ran around the garden with them and everything but I felt it was me being judged in fact I just felt I was being judged full stop and that I was found sadly wanting. As were my pups.
I got a big spiel about the Golden retriever the mother had, how loyal and devoted it was and how it could not bear to be parted from its owner and do you know what I thought how horrid for my pup if he did land up with these people he'd never have the love he deserves, he'd be a second class citizen. They had no appreciation about puppies and that i.e. they did get tired and would sleep. The y had no appreciation about whippets and could not see how fantastic conformation he had nor frankly did they have any sensitivity at all. I started to under sell the pups, saying how quiet my beautiful Tucker was, how gentle and dependent he would be. I said things like: How I didn’t want them to be rushed into taking the puppy just yet and how perhaps they needed to think about it. The much to my relief started to say things such as what a big decision it would be to take on a dog etc. etc. . . . They left to think about things with me vowing that even if on the off chance they decided to take him I would be saying I am sorry I’ve decided to keep him.
I dreaded the phone call when they left but luckily they and I agreed on something my whippets were not for them! So still have two left and do you know what however much money anyone offers me for them I will not let them go to anyone unless I think the pups will have a good home...

PS: Thinking Slimmer - found I could actually say no to snacks and to seconds!!!!! Not lost any weight but defintiely thinking about what I am eating rather than just gorging even when I am tired and upset!!!!! Serious result.


Lou said...

Yucky people like that make my blood boil.

I have no will power at the mo and am eating for England.... and Wales.. Good for you being strong.

Online Weight Watchers in Jan I fear.

mollygolver said...

Tattie I was holding my breath for dear little Tucker! So glad he's with you getting all the love he deserves!

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Good luck all round I think.
My wife actually records what she eats and as she has to think about it, she tends to eat less.

Expat mum said...

Two left? Hmmm...I wish I knew someone who was in the market for a dog....

resewn sally said...

Well done you!! Years back, when we had an unexpected accident, (my mums pup impregnated my poor dog the night before he was due for the chop!)I was also very fussy about who the puppies went to. She only had 3 and they all went to people I knew. You have to be careful, there are so many people who just don't care enough, or are ignorant to animals needs. And not enough people like you who care enough!!
Sal. X

Milla said...

someone decent will come along - as long as it's not a "for Christmas" person. Would have been horrible to live with the regret. Am sure Tucker's lovely! (for a dog!)

Ben & Jackie said...

Good for you TW. I've been following your blog for some time now (well, since I became the proud owner of my beautiful girl - Rudi Two Shoes, our whippet) and I am so relieved you haven't let him go to those dreadful sounding people. Golden retrievers my arse.

Tattie Weasle said...

Lou - they make mine boil too still have no clue how I stayed so polite! As far as eating goes it's because you've stopped writing so to speak, its the exhaustion taking over! Still think you were bonkers to do it but so proud that you did it!!!!
Mollygolver - Working hard to find him a great home have sights set on Northern sanctuary if only I can persuade the friends they really do want a puppy...never say die!
legend in his own lunchtime - (love the name) I dare not record what I eat I'd scare myself silly!!!!
Expat Mum - just two adorable bundles looking for loving homes here or in the US....I could always hand deliver it! (or would that blow the budget at this time of year???)
resewn sally - I do wish I was a tad more hard so to speak. Personally if it were up to me I wouldn't get rid of any of them. Every Friday I whisper that if I win the lottery they are safe and can stay at home. I am wet!
Milla - For a dog he is lovely thank you! Thinking of not letting them go unless to people I know until the New Year...haven't really discussed that with Dear Charlie mind...
Ben & Jackie - Hello! Thank you was feeling slightly guilty as not being very commercial about it all but luckily Dear Charlie (my OH) agrees I did the right thing which was a BIG relief! Love you whippet's name Rudi Two Shoes!!!

Rob-bear said...

When we've gone to get dogs before, we've had a clear mind about what we want and what we're likely to get.

Miss Sadie is our third female Standard Poodle. We know what the breed can do, and how it fits with what we're seeking. If the women who came to get Tucker didn't understand Whippets, how they're likely to behave, what they can do, what they need — you don't want to sell to them.

Glad for Tucker's sake he's still with you.

Tattie Weasle said...

Rob - bear - Eaxctly! You oput into words my thoughts on the whole matter. Tucker has had a lucky escape!

Bridget said...

Lovely tail (tale) haha. I am a great believer that dogs will choose their owners, so your pup obviously sensed they were not going to be the right people to be his owner! Power to Tucker :)

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