Thursday, 23 December 2010

Review: ThinkingSlimmer – I can’t believe it!

Sounds bonkers: allow a bloke to chat to you as you drift off to sleep and you’ll lose weight. It was that easy.
I started off with a big dose of scepticism. Hypnotherapy is a load of old tosh isn’t it? I mean, it’s for weak willed, susceptible people not for hardened old hacks like me.
Well I was wrong it does work but only if you really want it to. That is the big proviso with ThinkingSlimmer. You must really want to lose weight and then it will work. I chose the Drop Two Dress Sizes programme and was sent a CD as I am no good with new tech and downloading it was beyond me. I was then sent a log book to download and affirmative e-mails every day to help me focus.
I will admit I have not been good at doing my log book but I have been religious in listening to my CD each night for the past 18 days.
I started off weighing in at 156lbs I now weigh as of this morning 149.9lbs. A whole half stone!!!! Now that is unbelievable isn’t it? As you can imagine I am thrilled though I still have a long way to go (13lbs) but the thing that is brilliant is that the support, the Hypnotherapy and the writing down of changes reinforces each other and helps me battle with my lack of will power so that I can achieve my goals.
I have not dieted, although I have changed my eating patterns. I am not snacking nor am I eating such big portions. I am aware of what I am eating and drinking and opting to go for the healthier alternative. I have no idea whether I will be able to go through Christmas as lightly but we shall see. This will be the big test and I feel Ok about it…


Rob-bear said...

Well done!

Do you think the program would help a Bear?

Hmmmm. Word veri: "flaten." Is that significant?

Posie said...

I allow a bloke to chat to me as I drift off to sleep...but he obviously isn't saying the right things to make me lose weight haha
That is really good news Tattie, who would have thought it would work, well done and good luck over Christmas, have a lovely time,

mollygolver said...

Excellent. Have a special day with your family tomorrow xx

Go on you know you want to...


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