Thursday 5 January 2012

Weight's a bit of a struggle!

So I thought it would be a good idea to lose some weight.
An admirable thought.
I did it last year with Thinking Slimmer and it worked. I sort of stopped eating as much and stopped snacking. And then I got ill. Not through dieting I hasten to add, but because I got ill and couldn’t eat. I lost 7kg. Fab!
Now, however, I have gained the weight again not as much I was (73 kg) but enuogh to put me at 70 kg. That’s still a heck of a lot for a 5ft 3inch girl like me.
So this time I thought I’d be a tad more scientific. I would try to see if I could watch my weight and lose it through just cutting out snacks etc. Not dieting exactly just watching my weight.
Problem is I get SO hungry! Especially after I collect the boys from school.
So far I have not done the Thinking Slimmer thing because I cannot find where I put the CD player that works.But I will get it out so I can battle my cravings.
And I did join New Year New Body 2012 run by Liz Jarvis over at The Mum Blog. If I am out there saying I will lose weight I just might – and I am not promising anything here – I just might stick with it.
I also decided to write everything I ate down and calorie count. After three days I am under 2000 calories a day but not enough to really shift that weight. As for exercise? Well that’s out the window because I hate running about in the cold and wet. I could dance in the kitchen but I don’t want to scare the neighbours.
I also signed up to MyFitnessPal and it is here that I got a shock. While it is blissfully easy to use and I would highly recommend it; it is also brutally frank. So far if I continue the way I am going I will lose 0.2 kg in five weeks.
Not really the result I was looking for.
So I will have to rethink what I am eating to drive down that weight and I will have to big up my exercise routine too if I am to get anywhere near losing 3.5kg in three weeks!
As my Dad is fond of saying if you want to lose weight: eat less and exercise more!
I will keep you informed…


Moors-Mummy said...

We will do it together! Good luck and I will keep watching how you are doing! xx

Jude said...

Best of luck with it. I need to do the same - keep off the cakes, and get more exercise. Unfortunately the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak....

Irene said...

What happened to just eating healthily and sensibly? Doesn't that give you the result you want automatically? You should have a lean body in no time. Going hungry, by the way, is not a bad thing either. Eating some fruit will do if you really can't stand it. XOX

Expat mum said...

Hot drinks. Or actually just drinks when you're hungry. But you really can't lose that much weight unless you shift your arse into the bargain! Good luck!

Pondside said...

Go for it! By body size we are nearly twins. I have to slim down for my daughter's wedding in May - that's incentive!

jack said...

Exercises to Lose Weight requires a little bit struggle.

Anonymous said...

Damn that eating less and exercising more philosphy....such a drag....

About Last Weekend said...

Good on you. Sounds like a great start anyway. Agree with your Dad. But the billion dollar diet industry keeps on plugging for the wacky solutions!

Mother Hen said...

I live on cups of tea when I want to slim down. A great thing if you live in the UK as the tea is the best here. I pee a lot but a warm drink fills me up.
Shopping list-
toilet paper

Sorry to say exercise one way or another is a must unless you get sick again.
Good luck.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I am needing to do the same. Perhaps I will have a lookat myfitnesspal. I probably need scaring!

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

The thing that always helps me keep trim or lose any extra, is a combination of: more water, no snacks, smaller portions and more exercise.

And it's true what another commenter said, a little hunger is ok.

I try to get in a 45 mn walk most days because I am also then getting fresh air and daylight. I hate running. But we have a rowing machine for when I really want to kick some ass ;)

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know just how you feel. I've started the new year O.K. with the food,and the choice to go vegetarian and avoid processed food last year was a great move, but motivation for the exercise is the hardest part. Too hot, too cold, too windy, too dark, too uncomfortable. That's where I lack the will-power. Good luck with it all!

Marcheline said...

My husband has lost 68 pounds. I have lost 30, and counting. A guy I work with just dropped 30.

Two words.


Three names to Google:

Robb Wolf
Sarah Fragoso
Mark Sisson

Rob-bear said...

Hmmmm. A woman of substance wishes to lose weight. A Bear of substance wishes to lose weight, too.

Of course, if I get to hibernate this year, I'll shed a lot. But it has been much too warm for hibernation, so I'll have to come up with plan B.

Good luck in your plans.

Blessings and Bear hugs for 2012.

Go on you know you want to...


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