Wednesday 24 June 2009

Going Topless...

There is something wonderful about going topless; it’s exhilarating and, well just liberating.
Dear Charlie says I don’t do it often enough and complains that I am not exactly spontaneous. In my defence I have been known to do it abroad while on holiday, in fact I went topless on a train all the way across France on our honeymoon.
Yesterday I went topless on the school run and had to endure looks of approbation from all the other Mummies who either couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same.
I blame the credit crunch and the eco-stasi.
Mostly the eco-stasi.
The eco-stasi would put the kybosh on most things really but I suppose the thing that drives them nuts is when people flaunt it.
Yesterday I flaunted for all I was worth and I felt great. I had a smile on my face so large the sun probably had to put shades on.
It was absolutely fabulous!
I do love driving sports cars. I especially like driving my own without the top on. I know it’s not the thing to do, that I really should be trying to save the planet and not drive a thirsty little fuzz bomb around the lanes of Suffolk scaring all the locals but I really really needed to blow off a little yesterday and well it seemed so harmless.
It’s not the fastest sports car in the world and for sports car aficionados it probably doesn’t rate at all but for me it’s a taste of all the things I once was or thought I was before children, before commitment, before mortgages and well before I knew the planet really could be saved by regulating how I drive and remembering not to put black plastic bin liners in the recycle bin.
Babe, as she is affectionately known, is an 11-year old Mazda MX5 – the first of the non-pop up headlight versions and she is so sleek. I love her lines. She is a work of art to me and if it wasn’t for her Dear Charlie and I would never have got together in the first place – seriously!
Way back then DC had a problem he couldn’t get a girlfriend and he wouldn’t go out with me in case he ruined our friendship despite the fact that that was all that I had longed for, for years. But hey there are none so blind who cannot see.
So that summer Operation Girlfriend was launched. DC underwent a makeover, went to cordon bleu school to meet girls and bought a car. Having looked at Mercedes, BMW, MG and the like, he finally settled on the new Mazda MX5 ‘cos he could fit his golf bag in the boot.
The car was to act as a lure to attract attention, preferably from girls, and in preparation we decided a road trip would be a good idea. So Dear Charlie and I hopped in the Mazda and drove through France down to the Pyrenees and fell in love – finally!
So when I drive the Babe magnet, I cannot help remembering what she means to me and now 10 years of marriage later it reminds me how thrilling it all was to be free and topless of course!

Go on you know you want to...


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