Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tiddled again…

I am not I hasten to say a soak. Getting pissed is not a past time. It is merely something that happens now and again.
And after careful scientific process over the last three months I can now categorically announce that it takes 2 and a half glasses to get me to the tipping point.
One and a half glasses and I merely happy and in control but one more and I am not safe to drive.
Three glasses and Darling however much I seem to be suggesting  that Nirvana is here and waiting for you, I hate to say it but I am too far gone to take part let alone remember in the morning.
I swear when I was younger I was  not nearly so weak but numerous pregnancies, two boys and a few years past my fortieth and well let’s just say I am beginning to know my limits especially as a new term dawns and I have to get up to do the school run.
I still love the old vino and I am particularly fond of anything with a bit of a fizz however these days I have to pace myself and take care.
Long gone are the days when Whisky Macs were my staple diet interspersed with Marlborough Lights and Pot Noodles.
Nowadays it is a healthy diet that must suffice no fags, little whisky and certainly no pot noodles!


Anonymous said...

I used to love a packet of B&H, a couple of bottles of Diamond White and a porn movie.

Now it's a glass a Vimto, a packet of chocolate peanuts and Country File.


CJ xx

Random Woman said...

I used to live on marlborough lights, black coffee and red wine. I'm surprised my teeth aren't black! I have a G&T as I type but it's mostly T and not much G. I can't take the pace either. xxx

Tattie Weasle said...

CJ -it's sad but true AGE!
Random woman - dread to think what MY insides look like!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , Pot Noodles are fatal , aren't they ? I get legless every time !

Marcheline said...

Love my vino. For a while there, was on a whiskey sour kick, but the mixer is so full of sugar I had to quit when I started eating paleo. Still love my vino, though!

Posie said...

Love it Tattie, and snap, I am complete pants with 'booze' these days, the happy farmer says I am an incredibly cheap date alas, in fact I often end up being the driver as I am such a lightweight!

Tattie Weasle said...

SmitoniusAndSonata - pot noodles are SUCH and indulgence but boy do you know it after!
Marcheline - would like to be able to have whisky nowadays but a night with some jimmy beam and it was all over for me....another story!
Posie - really strange that I get made designated driver too!

Rob-bear said...

Age is the victory of common sense over youth.
That's my philosophy, and I'm sticking with it! A few years after 60.
Also, age is only a number. You get to chose the reality that goes with the number.
For the record: a pipe and black tea have turned to no pipe and green tea. Some would say pretty dull. I'm ok with it, though.

Spencer Park said...

Having woken with a hangover everyday of my holiday I haven't yet worked out my limit but, I do know it seems to be getting less and less.

Oh, and I was a good boy that never smoked!

Tattie Weasle said...

Rob-bear - Age really is only a number why else would we feel exactly the same whether we are 10 or 90 in certain situations! Sage words!
Spencer Park - It took me 45 years to work out my limit and being a good girl I kicked teh fag habit. technically therefore I should now be virtuous.....hmmmmm ;)

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