Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Prime Suspect…..

The Wickedest Whippet: The Prime Suspect?
Now there’s something really weird going on here everything I own that is garishly pink is going missing, seriously missing. First it was my Noble & Black perfectly pink address book, the one that costs a fortune! Then today it was my purse….my prime suspect: THE DOG.
Not just any dog, not my gorgeous Tattie, my beautiful Gemma, my clever Tigger but her. Sassy, the EBJ. The wickedest whippet.
She just looks guilty. All of the time!
Problem is though why would a dog want a pink purse?
There is no evidence to link her with the crime, if indeed it is a crime. There are no tell-tale signs of chewed up bits of pink leather littering the lawn. There is nothing. So perhaps I am being a tad unfair.
The purse has vanished.
And that is the problem.
I had it this morning at 9am when I opened it to get £40 before I went running. I also took my Visa card with me in case I needed more cash on my way home from the lakes where I run.
And that’s the last I have seen of it.
Bog Boy says it was on the kitchen table at about 9.30am. But by the time I got home at 11am it was no longer there.
First I thought he boys had hidden it or played with it.
“No Mummy.”
Then I thought I must have put it somewhere else. Dear Charlie, me and Marion, the cleaner, hunted high and low for nearly two hours. Every drawer, cupboard, bin, under the chairs, outside, in the dog baskets...
I reluctantly cancelled my credit cards and fearing the worst called the local police.
For, as Sherlock Holmes so memorably said: “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”
The truth is someone must have walked into my home, into my kitchen and taken my purse, for that is the only thing that makes any sense at all.
I still want to hold the dog up as the prime suspect for I don’t like the idea of some nefarious person sauntering about my kitchen when my boys were playing in the next room, Marion was upstairs cleaning and Tattoo (me man what does) and J were in the garden too far away to do anything at all if said person had been up to anything other than an opportunist thievery.
It makes me feel quite sick.


Marcheline said...

Holy cow... that is weird, huh? I hope that you find that purse in the freezer, or tucked behind the seat of your car, or someplace else in the house that you completely forgot you went that morning. Anything but someone coming into your house and taking it!

Tattie Weasle said...

Marcheline — me too. Problem is it really is gone. Maybe it's ghosts....

Rob-bear said...

Horrid thought. Someone just walked into you home and pinched the purse. What a sense of violation that would cause, and outright fear. If someone could do it once, there could be a repeat.
So sorry that happened.
I hope it turns up in some place unexpected. As in EBJ's "nest."

Tattie Weasle said...

Rob-bear: I too hope it turns up in her nest! Still will feel a bit of a twit when I confess to the police it was my dog....

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Yes, it would make me feel quite sick as well, Tattie. I do hope it was the dog and not a burglar.

On a lighter note, Gemma looks so beautiful, I'm not sure I could see the guilt in those eyes of hers. Though I know a woman who could - goes by the name of Milla, LOL.

Take care, CJ xx

About Last Weekend said...

Oh this kind of makes me wish I was a dog. So mischeivous (sp?)...do you think he buried it. I lost my phone for three weeks and found it right in my top drawer...wish I had a pup to blame my failing memory on...

Marcheline said...

It's too bad your cell phone wasn't in the purse. Then you could call your cell phone number from another phone, and if the purse is in your vicinity, it would ring and let you know!

Any clues as to what happened yet?

Go on you know you want to...


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