Monday, 29 August 2011

Recipe for the not so perfect Bank Holiday...

First take your bank holiday and get it wet.
Soak for at least four hours first thing in the morning
Then check your e-mails
Note that you have a pinged back e-mail and realise your editor has not got your latest missive which included deadline material for first thing Tuesday morning
Press resend
Note that there is no longer an attachment to e-mail
Aim to sort problem out by going to send box
Realise you have been rather too computer houseproud and have deleted send box on Friday
Seek attachment from elsewhere
Find unknown glitch which won't allow you to access attachments
Check glitch to see if you can copy and paste
Find you have unknown error and cannot access word dox
Realise only way to meet editorial deadline is to re-write whole article from scratch
Explain to hubby problem
Curse hubby
Hole yourself up in office as sun comes out

Start rewrite
Try to prevent yourself looking out of window while hubby and kids have GREAT time
Look at White Company Catalogue for inspiration despite fact it has nothing whatsoever to do with article
In knowledge that without meeting deadline won't be able to afford anything in White Company Catalogue..EVER!
Break for lunch
Mutter under breath when boys all jump up and down about how GREAT a time they are having with Daddy
Return to hole
Work furiously while wearing blinkers
Get lost on Internet and land up looking at auction websites by mistake
Force yourself to concentrate
Finally finish article
Press send
And realise it is dark outside and the whole day has flown by...
Have large glass of wine....


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Hope your wine was at least decent!

Shammickite said...

At least there was a glass of wine waiting for you at the end of all that.... just be glad that the wine hadn't gone off.

Rob-bear said...

Maybe the way to start is by building a garland of sunshine around your Bank Holiday, instead of soaking it.
But what does a Bear know about these quaint Human things called hollydaze?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, Tattie, you are absolutely right... we HAVE met before blogging. Our Husbands know each other, but I have only vague memories of you while we lived in Suffolk. Cybermummy last year, when we met 'Proper Like' as bloggers was brilliant, as you made that day fun AND safe for me. Thank you massively!
I worked out our connection when I saw your house on your blog, but didn't actually click until much later when there was a big picture of the house, which I have visited! Mad, eh. BUT, dear Tattie, you are first and foremost the friend I have as a blogger, which is pretty damned special. Didnt want to freak you out by saying, HEY I KNOW YOU!! when some stuff we write about is so tender and not for public use.
big hugs, Tattie. xxxxxxx

Von said...
Check this one out Tattie!

Kath said...

Just came over from Vons to meet your whippets. I have 2 whippet lurchers, so I know how "sneaky" they can be, especially when you want them to go out and spend a penny LOL

legend in his own lunchtime said...

I'd have kicked a few things by then. I've just had the same problem with finding my resume. I had to recreate it (lie through the teeth) and hope it would be the same in case someone already has it. Not a chance. Just thinking about it has got me searching for a cork screw.

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