Monday, 1 August 2011

A grown woman all on her own through France - part one

I'm a grown woman, on my own - well not quite I have two tetchy boys in the back of the car but I'm the one whose doing the driving, making all the decisions, free! And I can't help responding in that vein. I react in a different way on my own without my husband, but there again people would react differently to me if I were under escort...
It would never have happened.
Not that I was looking for it I hasten to add, well, how would you have reacted?
I'm on the Euro Tunnel, driving my car into the train and I see in front of me a tall tawny man in shorts and a Euro Tunnel coat. He's directing the cars to get closer to each other and as I drive up I notice that he's really very dishy indeed. In fact the disburse man I have seen in ages!
I drive up and am directed to move forward, more, a little more, I get nervous about hitting the car in front, it must show on my face as he looks up at me and smiles, my stomach clenched, and flutters. I go bright red. His grin deepens and I note he has the most beautiful blue eyes.
I get flustered, and try to concentrate. He raises his hand to tell me to stop. I do. He grins again and starts to move toward my window. I am confused. "What on earth does he want to say to me?"
He knocks on the window, I lower it blushing.
"yes," he says in the sexiest French accent, "you in first gear non?"
I am not quite with it, still bemused by this assault on my senses. " you Ok?"
I gather my wits but only just. "yes, yes i am fine!" my voice seems loud even to me.
"you have good journey, yes?"
I will now I think as I gaze into his eyes.
He grins at me again and I notice he has a very naughty twinkle. And then he is off. My brief flirtation over, but it was worth it unexpected as it was...
Yes it will be a good journey now, what a way to start a holiday!


Anonymous said...

LOL, what a great way indeed!!!

CJ xx

Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear; sorry to hear of this misadventure at the beginning of the escapade, er, um, odyssey.
But in France, I'm sure there would be lots of fine gentlemen who would be happy to assist a woman on her own (except two tetchy children in tow).

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Oh La La! A great start to the holiday...nothing like a bit of harmless frisson eh?! Looking forward to reading your holiday blog posts (-;

About Last Weekend said...

Great way to start the vacay!

Tattie Weasle said...

CJ - still blush when I think about it!
Rob-Bear - there are indeed and they don't seem to be put off by the kids. They have a way of looking at you that is quite disconcerting, but nice!
Sugarplum Kawaii - yup there's nothing like it, I think it should be mandatory for every female at the start of their holidays!
About last weekend - I would highly recommend it!

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