Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sitemeter - you're fired!

That's what I love about this disposable society we live in a few clicks and that's it chucked into the virtual wastebasket never to be retreived again.
I feel empowered as I sit here tapping away inexpertly on the keyboard. I can say: "Sitemeter - you're fired!" and aprt from the little message querying me to ask if I really am sure I want to get rid of it, that's it.
My decision to chuck away what has become a daily, nay hourly ritual, on my computer follows two days of no action whatsoever on Sitemeter, no new stats, nothing- who new how simple it would be to give it all  up? I thought I was an addict.
You see I have tried before to get rid of it but failed miserably. For while it worked it was impossible to forgo. I felt guilty about my constant checking, and stupid when I became upset that I had had no visitors to my blog for more than two hours on anyone day. Sitemeter fed my vanity.
But now it is gone.
Now I have a curious sense of loss and I am not quite sure what to do with all that time I now find on my hands. My fingers hover over the mouse but there is nothing to click.
But there again there is always the Blogger Stats..just to keep me entertained of course!


About Last Weekend said...

Wish we could fire people as easily as without any sulking and added fees!

Lottie said...

Well you don't need Blogger Stats to see that you've had me & About Last Weekend visit you today!

Rob-bear said...

And I somehow doubt sitemeter keeps track of Bears. So you've had three visitors, without needing sitemeter to record our visits.

Expat mum said...

Oh stats, schmats, if you get my drift. Just blog and keep us happy!

Pam said...

Just as well I don't know about these things Tattie, otherwise I'd probably be tempted too, but with my regular 5, and the best 6 visitors, I don't think I need concern myself with the hoardes of bloggers busting themselves to get to my site.
I have enjoyed hearing about the history of your house recently.

Trish @ Mums Gone To... said...

Don't we drive ourselves silly with stats. It's daft because I'm always happy to be oblivious when we're on holiday or busy elsewhere, but when you're sat at the computer there is a strange desire to take a peek.
Well done on removing your temptation...or, at least, one of them!

Tattie Weasle said...

About Last Weekend - wouldn't it!
Lottie - See all I have to do is LOOK!
Rob-Bear - no I wouldn't think it tracks bears...bears are special!
Expat Mum - will continue to blog stats or not!
Pam - don't go there trust me!
Trish - I feel very virtuous about it all though I do twitch a bit...

Go on you know you want to...


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