Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dear PR, I would just like to say...

I don't talk much about my job. Mostly I try not to as I like to keep things separate but today I just have to. Today it really dawned on me why I hate bad PRs.
Actually she may be a good PR who got something wrong but I'd be giving her a HUGE benefit of the doubt. And I just don't feel like it.
Well anyway, I have a job where I write a lot fairly dry things but it pays and I am not complaining. It's business to business stuff.
Every year I help collate a directory. The information in the directopry is comprehensive adn detailed. It is editorially led and as such no one can buy their way in. Over the years it has become a bit of an industry bible. And since I was the one to nurture it back in the days when I worked full time, I still think of the directoy as my baby. In fact I was working on it until 1 o'clock in the morning a mere five hours before I was due to be  in hospital to give birth to Bog Boy. I take it that seriously.
Anyway, last year there was a cock-up with one of the contributors, so this year I decided to not let anything go amiss and I would do the directory by the book.
As is polite and to avoid misunderstandings I very sweetly decided to go through a PR for one particular company. I was assured that everything would be perfectly alright.
Well of course it is not.
The PR's excuse for no one getting back to me and for not chasing it up was that the people who work at the company don't get back to her very often and she cannot make them.
That is what PRs are for to make the client get back to the press.
I know it isn't quite that cut and dried. I know because in a dim and distant past I too was a PR.
I know how painful clients are.
BUT because this PR has failed to do her job properly, I am going to have to work all through half term, cut short the boy's vist to their grandparents and basically ruin the whole week for them. I will have to reorganise my schedule that of the people who were going to look after the house and so the ripples spread.
Such a pity the PR will never read this...

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Marcheline said...

You know how to contact her. Write it up and send it to her! I would, in a skinny minute.

Go on you know you want to...


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