Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bringing up boys - strange noises from his bedroom....

There are peculiar murbling noises coming from my eldest son’s bedroom punctuated by barks of laughter and strange snorts.
I can hear them from the kitchen.
Of course I shouldn’t be hearing anything from the kitchen at all as he should be fast asleep by now.
I should shoot upstairs and demand to know what is going on and tell him to turn his light off and go to sleep immediately as I know he’ll be exhausted in the morning.
Yet I haven’t the heart.
He’s reading Horrid Henry to himself.
For fun.
Not for school, not because he has to, but because he want to.
And it is a HUGE step.
This is the boy who would shout and scream at me for forcing him to read.
This is the boy who cried himself to sleep because he’d never be able to do it.
This is the boy who got a 4E in his Autumn term assessment because he just wasn’t trying.
So I will listen to his murbling, snorting and laughing, I’ll revel in it while I can. He’ll soon catch on to the fact that he doesn’t have to say the words out loud though I doubt that will stop the laughs and snorts of delight.
Long may it last!!!!!


Bluestocking Mum said...

Awww, bless him! Made me smile, Tattie. Long may it last indeed.

Now buy him all the David Walliams books and he'll be hooked on reading for life. My youngest is!

Rob-bear said...

Wonderful news, indeed. I hope he keeps at it for a long time.

Jen Walshaw said...

Oh this leaves me some hope for Maxi who although capable is a very reluctant reader

Wally B said...

Alex is just the same. I'll have to try this book

moors-mummy said...

Long may it last,Beanie has progressed from Horrid Henry, to Captain Underpants and to the Diary of a Wimpy kid and is about to start the David Walliams, all have had him laughing out loud!

Suburbia said...

That's wonderful.

both mine are dyslexic and find no pleasure in reading, it's sad really.

EmmaK said...

That is wonderful! My eight year old hates to read and has difficulties so I hope she gets hooked on some particularly amusing series soon

Nora said...

He's discovered his love of reading. Isn't that fabulous? May he enjoy it for the rest of his life.

flossing the cat said...

My son is only four but I do worry that his obsessive interest in all things Wii leaves no space for books. The other day he even said, "The Wii is on the only fun thing in life." OH.MY.GOD.

Good luck with you and yours!

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