Monday, 21 March 2011


It is glorious here. The sky a perfect washed out blue with nary a cloud in to mar its perfection.
It’s still cold and there is frost on the ground but I am smiling because the sun is shining so strongly and I really feel that Spring is making a bid for it.
The fat chaffinch is pecking at the window furious that there is another male in his territory, he’ll do this all season and I swear one day he’ll actually break the window.
The Starlings are beginning to return and make rude noises down the chimney sweeping and swooping whistles that annoy the dogs no end. They have an unholy sense of humour.
The Rooks are pairing up nicely and I have a new nest in the Ash tree by the drive. In fact all my Ash trees are occupied this year. They make so much noise and mess but I love it and I stand in awe of their aerial displays in the summer.
The violets are peeking through the grass and dead leaves in the wood, drifts of mauve, purple and white. A bewildered bumble bee flies past hazily making its way out in the sunshine, I fear  it’s journey will be cut short for it seems so sleepy and the rest of the wildlife certainly isn’t!
The ducks make raucus laughter in the moat and Mrs Duck waddles officiously up the bank quacking at me for food clearly in a pother with her three suitors this year. It will all settle down in time and the garden will cry out for attention demanding thing that it is and I will not notice quite as much as I have done this afternoon.
But for now everything seems to be on the cusp…


potterjotter said...

Yeah - I noticed all of this stuff when I emerged out of hibernation last weekend and sat in my 'garden' with a big jumper on in the sunshine looking at blue skies - simple pleasures!

Anonymous said...

With all you've witnessed today, it was a day well spent!

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! A wonderful day all round eh Tattie? So happy to have you aboard! ((((((HUGS))))))

Expat mum said...

Isn't it amazing what good weather can do? We're still in winter-type weather here although the suns can shines very brightly even when it's below freezing.

Rob-bear said...

While "Spring is making a bid for it" in your neck of the woods, we've still got about two feet of snow, and are scheduled to get some more tomorrow.

Spring, indeed! Grrrrrrrr! (Came out of hibernation too soon!)

Potty Mummy said...

Lovely post - makes me homesick!

Milla said...

boo, grey and cloudy today. but we HAVE had some of that big blue sky stuff so I know it's there, even if currently wasted hiding behind the cloud.
Today the first day I walked the dog in shoes not big bad boots!

About Last Weekend said...

Wow, I love these pictures, your house looks amazing, that view from your window is gorgeous, very Jane Austen (though I know I have the wrong county..) It really makes me homesick for England. Is there anything better than ducks, just their name makes me laugh! Rain and more rain here so looking forward to those blue skies!

Posie said...

Lovely blog post Tattie, doesn't the spring just lift your step??
Lovely here too.

Tattie Weasle said...

potterjotter - HI! They are wonderful simple pelasures aren't they.
Lottie - do you know one forgets all that one sees so it was great to take time to enjoy it!
mrsnesbitt - it was good to be on board!
Expat Mum and Rob bear- the snow will go and spring will come in a rush I know not long now hold on!
Potty - no don't be homesick, remember it always seems good when you are away then reality strikes and it pisses with rain in the middle of summer and the BBQ you were going to have outside 'cos you've got the decorators in doesn't quite work out....
Milla - def sign of spring if can walk dog without wellies...:)
About last weekend - Thank you it is a pretty house when I remember that it is, sometimes you forget until you get reminded but that's another story! Hope thiose blue skies are out there for you!
Posie - sunshine is heavenly and it does lift one's mood!

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