Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just how cringe worthy were you in the 80s (or 90s)?

I have a small blue book in which I wrote poetry when I was at college – bad poetry in fact so bad I just had to share it with you. Seriously cringe making some of this and other bits well… I’ll leave that for you to decide…
I’m living in a land of make believe
It’s been built for me
It’s been built for you
When you find it you will never want to leave
It’s where your dreams come true
Living in this land of fantasy
Letting all my dreams come true
Never knew what love could be
Until my thoughts found you.
Hardly Girl Power there in the Summer of 1986… now what other little gems have I got here…Actually some in here are so bad that even now decades later I cannot let them see the light of day. In fact if anyone got hold of my Little Blue Book I’d die of shame. Just reading it is making me want to curl up, it is so well…badly written, overt, cloying, so full of teenage angst that it makes my eyes water.
Oh good god I even tried to write sexy poetry…I’d definitely be had by for the The Literary Review's Bad Sex Awards on that!

As an innocent I find you
As the man you become
As the woman you make me
So the moon follows the sun
An entity without one
So one they become…

Grief! You’d have to persuade me seriously hard before I ever even allude to THAT one!
OK this is not so bad…

Complexions of a darker shade
Turn bright green to sharper jade
And confusions still
Bring ought but ill
Till all I can see
Is brooding jealousy.

OK. Obviously thinking about the little tart who nicked my boyfriend when I wrote that one…lovely! Ooohhhh!!!! Now a revenge one, absolute cracker this!

Why do we have to be
Just good friends
I needed you more
Now my heart won’t mend
One day I’ll find you
It won’t hurt no more
And I’ll be free to settle the score
I won’t give up
Not without a fight
So you’d better watch out
I’ll do what’s right
It broke my heart to see you go
I’ll do what’s best
Though it hurts me so
I’ll see you broken and on your knees
I’ll look at you as you beg and plead
But I’ll not help you
And you’ll remember….

Very Goth! Or is it Tammy Wynette?


Expat mum said...

Oooh, I don't know - you could probably sell those. Isn't that what Taylor Swift sings about all the time, and she's HUGE.

Mud in the City said...

You have a great future in teen-pop. Has Justin Bieber been in touch yet?

Spencer Park said...

I think I'm a little scared!

mrsnesbitt said...

1986 - what month exactly? This was the year my life changed!

Iota said...

Yes, it is quite Tammy Wynette, isn't it?

Von said...

You missed your calling or perhaps haven't exploited it yet!! That friend deserves to have an award winning song made out of her treachery.
How cringeworthy was I? I'd stopped writing poetry for a while because I had a baby to care for and was heavily into trying to be the perfect mother..very cringeworthy when I look back on it.

Michelle Trusttum said...

So incredibly cringe-worthy I couldn't stand to keep the evidence - tortured notebook, after tortured notebook shredded and burned.

Yours were definitely worth keeping.x

Rob-bear said...

That's pretty "Stand By Your Man" kinda stuff all right.

When the boys are old enough, you can go back to that. I'm sure someone would like your lyrics.

Mummy said...

Tee hee! I'm surprised you got through your teenage years without stalking convictions! ;)

Yeah I could produce some stuff that would compete with yours if I hadn't BURNED IT ALL in a pique of goth angst. I think it was more disturbing than your efforts though - I had a very dark teenage mind!!!

Beadzoid said...

This is Mummy Beadzoid, by the way. Dunno what that weird 'Mummy' sign in was...

Lottie said...

More Tammy Wynette if you ask me...

Tattie Weasle said...

Expat - really!? Look out Memphis here I come!
Mud - Beiber who??? Bugger better check answering machine...
Spencer - I would have been too!!!!
mrsnesbitt - it was June and my life changed too the summer I started at college!
iota - agree much more tammy than goth!
von - a pause perhaps on the poetry front so not cringeworthy at all as for missing my calling I am safe in the knowledge that author Mary Weslety didn't start until she was in her 70s!
Michelle - in two minds about whetehre these shoudl ahev been burned but at l;east it has given me a biot of a giggle. Now to place carefully in a vault awith strict instructions for it not to be opened until after I am gone...
Rob-bear - let my boys anywhere near it! They would rip me up mercilessly, probably deservedly too! :)
Mummy Beadzoid - it was ok he never saw me...strange how many people say they burned their tortured poetry. Possibly I should take note!
Lottie - agree totally not enough blood and darkness to be a goth poem!

legend in his own lunchtime said...

I can remember leaving a book of poems at a potential girlfriends house so she would accidently find it and, bursting with curiosity, read about my love for her. She would then call me up and ask me to meet her where she would smother me with kisses and .........What actually happened was a tad adrift from the vision. Her Mom, thinking this was one of her old school jotters, used it to start the fire with. Not the fire I was intending to ignite.

Tattie Weasle said...

Legend - oh no all that hard work! I am trying not tolaugh...but it was funny!!!!

Ladybird World Mother said...

!! Have just the same little book as you, filled with such embarassing stuff it makes me cringe HORRIBLY. All sad and pitiful and GHASTLY! I rather liked your jealousy one, though. So there WAS good ones amongst the rest!! When I am brave enough, just might find my book and give you a treat. Not. xxx

Tattie Weasle said...

Lady Bird World Mother - oh you tease!!!! Go on just a little bit, you know you relaly wnat to!!!!

Go on you know you want to...


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