Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To the utter toe rag who has copied my bank card....

Just to let you know I know!
I know what you did and it's called stealing, fraud and being a complete and utter toe rag.
And if you had ever had the privilege to smell my boys feet you would understand how vilely I think of you.
You are utterly beyond.
Selfish, self-centred, small minded - the blooming lot and I hope you get caught and all your mates desert you. Because come off it you obviously couldn't be bothered at school despite having some intelligence (I will give you that for I couldn't even think about copying someone else's bank card; it is far too difficult for me) so you wasted the opportunities given and probably whined about it too.
"Well there's nothing for me, what's the point. Getting a job is like...y'know...boring!"
Well wake up prole - You, Are. A. LOSER.

A total and utter loser. Nobody is ever going to just give you stuff; you have to wake up and get yourself a life and stop being a parasite. If you can't find a job, make a job and yes that may mean cleaning toilets for peanuts but hey I shovelled shit for less than the minimum wage until I managed to prove myself and get a better job.
What is it with people?
Copying a bank card may sound really minor but it causes untold ripples. This is not a victimless crime! It affects us all or are the people who do this sort of thing really stooopid. It costs us ALL in terms of higher loan fees, dearer bank charges, higher insurance premiums and that means we don't have money for the things we need such as heating and food.
And a great big raspberry to you too!

PS I feel SO much better after that...


Suburbia said...

Sorry this has happened to you :-(

Hope that rant helped just a bit?

moors-mummy said...

The buggers! Totally understand where your rant is coming from, I would be doing the same!! Hope 2012 improves... xxx

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Rant and growl away...the little fecker. What a vile start to your year.

Can only get better? (muttered feebly)

Wally B said...

I'd shoot the bastards.

PantsWithNames said...

snarl snarl... what a rubbish start to the year.

Expat mum said...

I hope your bank reimburses you, but it's still a load of shite isn't it? If you remember, I had my cash point card skimmed in England in the summer and they ran all over the place and drew out quite a lot of money. I was furious with my bank which may be why they reimbursed me - they didn't notice that someone was making three and four withdrawals per day for about four days. I didn't suspect a thing because I still had the card with me and had no idea that it had been copied.

You know, you assume these people are thick as a brick etc. but whoever copied my card must have been some kind of genius because the police couldn't even figure out how they did it. Talk about misdirected talent!

Anonymous said...

I hope he turns green and his willy falls off.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading that bank cards aren't very secure and that using a credit card is much more secure. Of course that would mean you have to pay your credit card off and use it like a bank card to pay for everything or you'd be getting into debt and who needs more of that.
From what I read the credit card company will reimburse you right away and issue a new card where as a bank you either don't get your money back or it takes months to get it back.

Sandie said...

Well, he/she wouldn't be missed I'm sure by many if anyone if they were to drop off the face of the Earth!
I had my purse stolen at work (normally it would have been locked away but, I had to dash to an emergency and left it on the office desk), there was less that £2 in small change and the thief had the nerve to phone me about half an hour later to ask me for my PIN! but, I was on to him and said I had to go as there was a medical emergency, then I phoned the police. Never did recover the purse. BUT the problems it caused because Direct debits and mortgage payment were due, despite explaining the problem, I still had to pay various fees and that really was taking the biscuit!

Well, I hope the Ba****rd gets his/her just rewards!


Sandie xx

About Last Weekend said...

Oh I'm so sorry this happened. I know that this takes so long to clean up - I really feel for you. Hopefully there is karma!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Banks keep on coming up with new devices to prevent this but these little weasels seem to be a step ahead all the time .
And , no , we're not paranoid .... they really are after our money !

Marcheline said...

Oooooh, sorry. That sucks. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his nosehair.

Abi said...

Little crapweasels. I had mine cloned not long ago - had to point out to my bank that it would be difficult for me to be spending money in Bradford and Sousse at the same time *sigh*...

You might like this - it's by one of my favourite poets :o)


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