Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Most Evil Dog On The Planet Strikes Again And I Have A Moral Dilemma…

Most Evil Dog On The Planet enjoying herself in the long grass
I love her.
I do.
I really, really love her.
But sometimes she’s just evil.
She’s horrid. She more than lives up to her sobriquet EBJ (Evil Black Job) aka the wickedest whippet in the world. Sometimes she is SO bad she’s the most evil dog on the plant.
Today she was the most evil dog on the planet and I have a problem.
Both she and I had been out running and being that is was cold and I was very tired after my exercise I decided to have a very long, very hot bath.
Sheer bliss.
I trotted downstairs afterwards to have a glass of water and to ready myself for the rest of the day. Work and the like.
I drank my water.
And then I noticed a lovely smell.
Chicken stew.
But it seemed out of place. I hadn’t been cooking any so why could I smell it?
And it dawned on me as I turned to look at the stove that I normally put the lids of the pans on properly, the right way up, not upside-down as this pan lid was.
I approached the pan and noticed a tell-tale blob of chicken jelly on the top of the oven.
I am NOT a messy cook. I DON’T leave blobs of stew on oven hobs.
Somebody had left it there and it couldn’t have been the boys.
I glanced around the kitchen it was strangely devoid of canine inhabitants.
I eased the lid off the stew. The stew that my Darling Husband had spent hours on Sunday, cooking.
Hours and hours slaving away
The one that I was supposed to have carefully put in containers and frozen on Sunday night. The one, which I had every intention of giving my In-Laws on Friday night when they came to stay for the weekend.
I peered inside the pan. There was still stew.
But it had gone down somewhat. There wasn’t as much stock in there as there had been the night before.
Although I cannot say for certain it was her because as usual there is a lack of evidence and I cannot afford a full forensics, my gut tells me it was, that and the fact she is studiously refusing to look me in the eye.
But now I have a problem. Knowing what I know, do I go ahead and put the stew in the container and freeze it and serve it up to my In-Laws on Friday or do I throw the lot away?
And what do I say to my husband who is expecting to see said stew on Friday for supper if I do throw it away? Should I ‘fess up or should I just keep quiet? Or should I just blame the dog?


Kristy said...

act like nothing happened and feed it to them. Dog germs never killed anyone.

mrsnesbitt said...

I'm with Kristy! Wouldn't be nice to see your hubby upset - add a bit more stock if it is somewhat reduced!!!! Go on............nothing ever happened! I wont say a thing!


Frankie said...

Haha. Just pretend it was evaporation from sitting out and make sure to heat it back to boiling. If it's sat out on the stove from Sunday night until Tuesday without spoiling, I can't imagine some dog spit is going to hurt it. XD

resewn sally said...

Dog saliva is antiseptic. Just top it up, freeze it and serve it up on Friday! As long as you heat it thoroughly it'll be fine! I'd be more worried about it being spoiled from being out too long. :-)

Wally B said...

I'd serve it too, but I'd make sure you are in their will before you do:)

Kitty said...

I'm with the others - serve it up. Freezing and heating it will kill any poss bugs off, but in all honesty, if I were you I'd be smiling inside, or even killing myself laughing feeding the in-laws dog-licked stew! In fact, laughing just thinking about it! xx PS saw your pic on the blogcamp website the other day, I'm going in April.

Expat mum said...

OMG I would be horrified if I realised I was eating something that the dog had been slavering over, but you do have yourself a dilemma. How about turning it into a chick-with-wine concoction and let the alcohol kill everything.

Mother Hen said...

Thinking that Expat has the right idea. Add alcohol to it and a bit more chicken maybe. Lesson learned, I am sure about leaving food out. I have to put everything back in the oven as I have three dogs that would happily do the same thing to your chicken stew!!

janerowena said...

I would use it - unless my husband read my blog!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Give it to your in-laws. They'll love it!

CJ x

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