Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bad Mother Moments #1

Everybody does it.
I mean everybody has done something like it.
Are you sure?
Is it just me then?
Everyone has Bad Mother Moments.
Maybe not as bad as this one but pretty bad I am sure.
Mine happened because I got distracted. I was having a lovely chat and a catch-up aided by a rather superior bottle glass of Shiraz with my mate J.
We were putting the world to rights, talking aesthetics and whether or not puce and heliotrope would go in the drawing room.
The boys were settled quietly in front of Deadly 60 and hadn’t been in to bother us for ages. No demands for food or crisps or the fact that they were hungry.
So it is hardly surprising that it happened. In fact you could say it wasn’t my fault at all.
However, J suddenly realised the time, way past 7 o’clock and I realised that the boys had to go to bed. Tout de Suite!
“Right Boys! Off you go now up to bed…”
“But Mum…”
Typical always trying to watch more TV, always trying to push the boundaries, always wanting to stay up longer…
“No arguing, just do as you’re told”
“But M…
“I said NO ARGUING!”
Honestly they try the patience of a saint they really do.
I hassled them like a demented sheepdog, hushing their protestations before the words were out of their mouths.
I got them undressed and teeth washed and into bed.
They were unusually fractious and I must admit I got really rather cross.
I do believe I snarled.
Anyway I finally got them off to bed. Lights out and all quiet.
And then as I came downstairs to say goodbye to J I noticed that the table was laid up.
I was just about to thank him for laying for breakfast when the horrible truth dawned.
It was still laid up for supper.
My poor boys had been hassled to bed without anything to eat.
Needless to say I shot back up the stairs grabbed my boys and gave them supper much to their relief.
J of course found this highly amusing and has been regaling all and sundry with my Bad Mother Moment. I have quite a reputation to live down in the village…there again HE has quite a reputation to live down regarding my cats and the fact that HE has been in charge when BOTH of them died… now one maybe an accident but two looks like a conspiracy!


Rob-bear said...

Oops! That was a major faux pas.

On the other hand, why did the youngsters not mention their lack of supper earlier?

We all have to take responsibility for our behaviour. Right?

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

You baaaad Mother you!
Made excellent reading though...heh heh!

Years ago...when my eldest was around 4, unknown to me she got out the house and did the off! My neighbour saw her scuttling away to the bakery and duly bought her home. The radio was on quite loudly and I hadn't heard her drag a chair to the door, stand on it, open all the locks and abandon herself to the outside world...for 10mins! Oh the shame...

Expat mum said...

Oh god I have so many to choose from I was quite lost for a moment, but here's one of the most recent ones -
When the youngest was a toddler, I let him toddle around the back garden. I could see him from the kitchen and the back is all fenced and gated (and small). Then I realised he was toddling around the garage, but since there was very little in there and no poisonous liquids, I thought, "Oh he'll be fine". Next thing I know, husband is walking into the house carrying toddler and looking as white as a ghost.
--- He'd only almost backed the car on top of the child! (Well, when I say almost, he obviously hadn't because he braked when he realised the little one was in his path, so -- slight exag. there really.)

About Last Weekend said...

Not a bad mother but rather a good friend (and good time) moment!

elizabethm said...

I totally love this. Not sure I did quite this one but I had my share of bad mother moments. This one though is funnier than most of mine!

janerowena said...

That made me laugh so hard!

The worst thing I have done is to leave all the Christmas presents behind one year when we were away. My poor husband had to do a four hour round trip to collect them - I was let off because I was breast-feeding at the time!

Muddling Along said...

We've all been there and done that... mostly when I've been distracted by them eating mid afternoon snacks

If they were hungry they should have mentioned it!

Go on you know you want to...


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