Thursday, 12 January 2012

City Men: Country Wives - A breakthrough?

So I told you that he was away in London and that I was left home alone? Well I think he’s beginning to see things my way. Not that we’ll ever get to move out of this place I fear we are in negative equity after spending a small fortune on its refurbishment. But despite the fact that I never wanted to live in the back of beyond it is a little late to be upping sticks and causing mayhem when the hard truth is I don’t have a fantastic job to go to nor am I the only one I have to think about.
I’ve got two boys and they are happy at school.
They have known nowhere else but here.
And I really HAVE got to get over myself.
So where might my man’s thoughts be aimed?
Well he’s actually going to be working from home tomorrow.
That means he gets to have breakfast with us, he gets to do the school run in the morning and meet the boy’s teachers, he gets to have lunch with me – I promise it IS an experience!
A good one
There will be no commute.
He can finish at 5 and be home instantaneously.
Heck we might even be able to have a conversation before he heads off to the drinks cupboard in search of whisky like a drowning man and before I grab the screw top wine from the fridge and cling to it like a life raft for the rest of the evening.
And do you know what else?
I am actually looking forward to him returning home!
They do say absence makes the heart go fonder….


Elisabeth said...

Sad, Tattie, but also hopeful, and how else can we be, when life throws up such differences.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hubby's engineering business is based in a workshop about 5 minutes away - so he can "pop home" at the drop of a hat.
He is very busy - a good thing in current situation, but I do like some notice if he's coming home - I like my own space you see - but we always have Saturday night's special meal in - this week Tuna Steaks.
Enjoy lunch.
Word verification "fortal" ooooh would love to drop that into a conversation! lol!

Wally B said...

He'll get to love working from home and he'll find out that the office will still be functioning on his return
I'm happy for you.

Ladybird World Mother said...

My dearest Husband stays home sometimes and it is good to spend less frantic time with each other, although we tend to get on with jobs around the house rather than actually 'being together'. Its still nice though.
I know that when we moved here from Suffolk I loathed the move and the place and everything... it took ages to settle. I now love it. SO hard when one wants to live elsewhere, but as you so rightly say, the boys are happy.
Hope you had a lovely day... all love. xxxxx

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