Saturday, 29 January 2011


Do I think it a good idea to shop on a Saturday? No I do not. In fact I think that those who do not HAVE to shop on a Saturday shouldn't - BY LAW.
I know I am getting a bit draconian in my old age but I am beginning to feel very strongly about this. First there are the OAPs who shop on a Saturday. Now lovelies I know it is difficult to change the habit of a lifetime but Saturday shopping is  a no no for you guys because you can shop ANY day of the week so stop clogging the aisles  and the car park and go for a nice Pub lunch or trip to the Seaside leave the supermarkets to those who need to shop because this is the ONLY day they can shop owing to having to work ALL week. This would reduce the incidences of trolley rage considerably and lead to a much calmer society.
Then there are the stay at home Mums/Dads with toddlers again you can actually shop ANYday of the week so don't put yourself or your offspring through the Saturday shop; please!
This also pertains to hairdressers. I don't know about you but when you work and you really need to get a hair cut it is rather galling to know that you can't get a slot because Mrs Thomas ( aged 74) has her regular Blue Rinse on a Saturday...ladies if you don't have to please please don't it is SO unfair!
I know of course there are exceptions but a little thought for your harrassed Saturday shoppers who would really rather be doing something much nicer...


Von said...

Can anyone join in TW? If so please stop loving dog owners from bringing their pooches to the Farmers' Market where they are hot and unhappy and get under feet.Please parents take your children somewhere nice to play and stop them from a possibly trampling in the crowd.Please shoppers from out of town don't squeeze and sniff the fruit and ask our lovely grower if it's any good.
Oldies like me love to shop on any day but Saturday or in the holidays, same goes for the beach and cinema.Have fun!

Miss Sadie said...

Well, if you find Saturday busy, how about shopping on Sunday? Or have you not been afflicted by seven-day-a-week shopping?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I've given up trying to get a haircut on Saturday .
Instead I go after work , when hairdresser and I are both slightly tired .It has its pros and cons.
There's no chat about holidays , but one moment's inattention on either of our parts , and I end up with a toothbrush fringe .

Tattie Weasle said...

Von - Of course you can join in! Ooh yes so agree on Framer's Markets esp the fruit squeezing one!!!
Miss Sadie - sone days just HAVE to be sacred!!!!
Smitonius&sonata - oooh yes can see that one suggest loud bright lights and copious amounts of caffine for both of you!

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