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I’d like to say it’s not often that I talk about myself but that would be lying as I am always talking about myself. I am my own specialised topic and would  score highly on Mastermind but every now and then you get an opportunity to think of yourself a bit differently. The wonderful Lou at Archers at the Larches has tagged five bloggers for interrogation. The questions are left of field and have really got me thinking: What would I do with David Cameron? Snog, Marry or Avoid?

1. Snog, Marry, Avoid: (this exam question relates either to David Cameron or President Obama?)
Let’s be shallow; on looks alone I’d be lucky if I ever got the chance. In terms of character, or how I perceive his character to be based upon the countless articles, news stories, features and interviews that I come across, I’d say he was a keeper. He comes across as straight forward, honest, and realistic. He’s the sort of guy my Mum would have swooned over if I’d ever brought him home as a potential boyfriend.
But looking back on those years he is exactly the sort of boy I would have known to avoid like the plague, having fallen foul of the social mores that the majority with his background navigated as easily as they breathed. I was never good working out what was done and not done, despite having had a similarly privileged background, and subsequently I was severely put down and largely ridiculed as a galumphing, slightly inept, nervous teenager. It all sounds very Jilly Cooper.

2. What's the worst Christmas present you've ever received?
It has got to be the bright yellow silk shirt given by a supposedly close member of the family. It was foul and so obviously bought without any thought at all. I really believe that if you cannot think what to buy a person don’t buy them anything at all or else swallow your pride and ask them what they would like. In fact always ask and if you cannot go directly to them because you have to  go round the houses pretending you know and love them so well that you can mind read, ask the next best person who knows them what they’d like because nothing is so awful as a present that is useless, unattractive and given without care. It is insulting as well as wasteful.
As you have no doubt realised I have had more than one revolting present in my life and I had better stop there before I explode!

3. Describe the worst public toilets you've ever visited.
Actually I find public loos very good. It’s the loos in restaurants and smart hotels that can so easily disappoint. In fact I have been known to remove myself and fellow diners from restaurants and other eateries after visiting karzies that don’t meet my minimum acceptance level. And I am pretty broad minded! However, if these establishments care so little about the state of the ablutions they provide, just imagine what the kitchen hygiene would be like!!!

4. What is the food you most dislike and why?
Sago and semolina – foul gloup that should never have been invented nor should have it been all but forcibly fed to nine year olds…ohh and sardines for exactly the same reason.

5. Do you prefer the curtains/windows open or shut when you sleep?
Curtains shut windows open as I have to know what is going on always…and there is nothing so exciting as twitiching one’s curtains!

6. How competitive are you?
Not particularly, well not overtly. I am quietly competitive and more than likely not to say anything about it so no one knows, then give up when I don’t do well enough pretending I wasn’t doing it anyway…

7. What's the best wedding or birthday party you've attended?
A really lovely country wedding last year held in the back of the local pub with children running around and laughter and good company followed by a barn dance with great live bands, bonfires and children. Relaxed and beautiful!

8. What's the best chat-up line you've ever heard/used?
“Can I be your boyfriend?” It got me hook line and sinker. It came after the most exquisite courtship full of longing, stolen glances, half said words and lots of nearly but not yets. Finally a sensual meal out and well the rest is history. I’d say that boyfriend definitely had it down to a fine art.

9. What's better, a bath or a shower?
Bath every time! A shower is just too proasaic, perfunctory and well boring and relies too much on how powerful it is while a bath well as long as it’s hot what could possibly go wrong.

10.How superstitious are you?
Too much and not enough. My head says don’t be daft and the heart says why not!

Now I have that glorious moment of tagging five more!

Mummmmeeeee at No wine on Wednesdays

And handing out my own interrogation…

1. Which do you prefer City or country?
2. Do you feel old?
3. What was your most embarrassing moment and can you share it?
4. What was the best thing you ever did at school?
5. Who do you most aspire to be like?
6. Do you think you are ambitious?
7. If you didn’t do what you are doing now what would you like to have done?
8. What would be your most perfect meal?
9. Have you ever broken the law?
10. What songs would be in your Top 3?


Lou said...

Tattie I knew you'd rise to the challenge, but you wowed me. Thanks sport!


Expat mum said...

Agh - you know I can't resist a tag. I have way too much to do at the moment (see post) but it will give me something to do in the unlikely event I finish before I need to.
I love that line BTW - "Can I be your boyfriend?" Swoon.

diney said...

A yellow silk shirt sounds horrendous - hope it wasn't from your man! (ex!)
I also judge a restaurant by the loos! Its very telling!

劉彥皓 said...


Tattie Weasle said...

Lou - I aim to please!
Expat Mum - Marvellous I can't wait to read the answers or maybe I should just interrogate you at CyberMummy!!!
Diney - No luckly it wasn't from my man. He tends to give pressies like an electric tooth brush....!!!!!

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