Thursday, 17 June 2010

How to get your wife to do just about anything...

There are men who just get it and then there are the rest; the men who just get it have wives who will do anything for them beyond and above the call of duty. Other men call these men "Lucky B*****ds". Their wives call them "Darling".
But what is it that makes these men so utterely wonderful? Are they rich? Are they handsome? Are they good in bed?
I hate to tell you guys it is none of the above.
I shall illustrate...
I have a new friend whom I am quickly coming to adore. She's bright and fiesty and pretty and just great. However, over the weeks since I first met her I realise that she shows an alarming tenadancy to let the sisterhood down and it doesn't quite sit with her personality.
However, I know it takes all sorts in this world and I let it slide while mentally reminding myself to make sure she never speaks to my husband, in fact I have plans to gag her at any social function just in case my man gets ideas.
This is the woman who gets up at sparrrows fart to walk down the long drive and open the gate for her husband every morning come rain or shine or drifting snow, just so he can save three minutes - if that - on his way to the station. She is doing this at 6am every day. No doubt she has actually provided him with a comforting breakfast as well as the luxury packed lunch to sustain him. I wouldn't be surprised if she also cooks him a three course meal every night for when he comes home and has his drink and slippers ready on his return.
It bothers me, it really does.
That is until I heard  how he does it and suddenly it call came clear. This man is a treasure, worth his weight in gold.
This morning my lovely friend felt a little tired and gently said to her man: "Darling do you mind if I don't open the gate for you this morning?"
His reply was perfect  - "But it is SO lovely to chat..."
...and I am afraid I think I have fallen in love. Needless to say my friend did open the gate but girls wouldn't you?


Ladybird World Mother said...

Nope. Not. Nada. Nilch. Nacht. Noin. Nay. Nicht. No. Am total wife slut and would never ever get up at 6.00 am to open a gate. Will now have to show Husband your post and see what he thinks. The most he gets out of me in the mornings is a grunt. And sometimes I tell him, SHUT THE DOOR.
Bad wife, me. Oh, dear.
But LOVED this post, Tattie!! xxx

bodran... said...

Nope never !!
Second week in august is looming xx

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Does bringing your husband a bowl of Rice Krispies before he gets up in the morning count? Guilty as charged then. But at least I don't have to cook them...

mollygolver said...

I'm as daft as your friend, but do have quite a good life together

Mother Hen said...

I can just about throw a sandwich together for my man but do it with only one eye open never mind actually leaving the house to open a gate!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I want this man on my team when I next have to negociate something . The word Artful springs to mind .

Pam said...

O.K. Tattie, have to put in my two bob's worth here.
Don't be too quick to judge.
I do what must appear to be sickening-to-other women stuff too. My daughter and a few others say my husband is spoilt. Why? Because my first husband was a real rotter of the first degree. Unfortunately I loved him = pain and ultimately divorce.This one is a keeper( 28 years now) and a treasure.I make sure I am awake and around to see him off to work because he does it nearly every day of his life and it's not for the love of it(dragging his sad and sorry arse off to work, as he puts it). It's just heartfelt appreciation but I can see that it must appear infuriating. Still friends? Speaking?
When I tell you he cooks you'll smack me.
An emotionally crippling divorce can alter a person's perspective somewhat. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy,but it throws a goodie into an even better light.x

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