Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You know that brilliant piece I wrote...?

I’ve been admonished by a three year old. I was in a happy reverie upstairs contemplating my blog entry after getting out a bath; feeling deliciously relaxed, warm and smelling of roses.
Stomp, stomp, stomp coming up the stairs and a little blonde head appeared with brow furrowed and eyebrows meeting in the middle:
Bog Boy: “Whatcha doin’?”
Me: “Nothing, go on downstairs you little bugger, bedtime.”
Bog Boy - not moving: “You comin’ down too?”
Me “In a while…when I get dressed.”
Bog Boy – still not moving: “When yer goin’ t’get dressed?”
Me: “Soon!”
Bog Boy - satisfactorily: “Your goin’ t’die like that.”
Probably! Me: “OK! Now! I’m going to get dressed, now.”
He’s happy now, I’ve got dressed, he’s had his goodnight kiss and he’s bargained a place in my bed in the early hours of the morning –ah well, I presume this is merely a prelude to his glittering career at the Bar!
The Whippet – by which I mean the Tattie dog whose name I use in vain – has also badgered me into doing something I wanted to do in my own time. She and the rest of the gannets have just been fed - earlier than usual but I fear it was the left over gravy in her bowl just that little bit out of her reach that prompted her to rush up the stairs and sit on my lap as I was trying to say Goodnight to the Boy. She’s one for direct action in these cases – it works and now that everyone is satisfied I can turn to the matter at hand. There’s just one problem; the brilliant piece I wrote in my head as I lay soaking like Cleopatra in the bath has gone…


Heather said...

this happens to me all the time. I get my best ideas driving or in the bath, two places not conducive to writing things down. By the time I get to where i'm going or get towelled off the whole thing is gone like smoke up a chimney.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Which of the many ?

blackbird said...

The calm that aids the thoughtful word can be so fleeting.

All you can do is to continue to take rejuvenating baths until the words come back. Just try to keep the boy and the dog out of the water with you. That's when I stopped taking baths!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Isnt it maddening!! I had a lovely idea, wrote the whole thing in my head. Lost it to breakfast chaos. Hope yours comes back soon!xx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

It's lovely to be needed and wanted so much though isn't it. Even if you do wash away those ideas.

CJ xx


Love this - and Bog Boy's dialogue!! And I certainly know the feeling - I write my best stuff while driving along alone in the car....Never sees the light of day though!

Expat mum said...

Notepad darling. I have long since learned that no matter how brilliant my ideas might be (in my opinion anyway) nothing sticks!

Tattie Weasle said...

Heather - I think we need to either have those crayons that you can write on ceramic tiles etc or else a secretary!
Smitonius&Sonata - i dread to think!
Blackbird - what a marevllously decadent idea; definitely worth a go but agree sans dog and boy!
LadybirdWorldMother - feel I need to go round with notebook permanently tied to waistr like old fashioned housewife!
CJ - I do love the needed and wanted bit a good way to look at it! :)
Her on the Hill - sounds like I could make a fortune if only I could work out a way to get thought recorded as we think!
Expat Mum - Yep have one in hand bag but still not sure how to record the brillinat ones I write in teh car...could be dnagerous!

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