Monday, 11 January 2010

A not so perfect meme...

Why on earth should a simple Meme totally paralyse me? Why does my mind go blank and I cannot think straight? I mean all I have to do is think of five really good things that happened to me last year in 2009. Hardly rocket science. Surely it cannot be difficult?
And for me it is, I’m not saying last year was an “annus horriblus”, it wasn’t but I find it very difficult to focus on good things. I’m a glass half empty kind of girl. In fact I would say my attitude to life and my inability to look for the good things is a bit of a problem.
But hey I’m a depressive so why wonder too much?
What I did not expect was that I could not even blag my way through the Meme, I just froze creatively. However, it did get me thinking about blogging and in general how I blog. I’m not exactly consistent in what I write though for the most part I write about my children and the things they say and do that pique me, that make me smile. The things I want to remember and like all besotted parents the things I want to share.
In general I don’t write too much about the bad days, the days when the effort just to get up seems insurmountable though occasionally it will sneak through in the odd “Aarrrhhh, I am a bad Mummy!” post.
So here I am thinking and with huge apologies I just cannot do five – maybe I’ve set my aim too high? Maybe I am bedazzled with this “Perfect Mummy: perfect family” expectation that just does not exist.
So setting my sights lower but by no means taking away from the importance of each and every good thing I write for this meme. As promised to the lovely Mum’s gone to…
1: Got mad bad dog – and love her
2: Got though whole year
3: Got new wall
4: losing it... now cannot quite get there. Would like to say holiday to France was a highlight but that’s a story I’m not allowed to print ever not if I want family harmony…actually it wouldn’t have made the list let alone the short one. Least said…
Heck this is random but heigh ho!
Oh yes BMB and Purplecoo! Now they are highlights!
There did it five highlights of my year 2009.
(Good thing I finally got to write this now; I could have been mithering about it all year! Now in a nice strong Welsh accent like my Nanna used to do: “There’s depressive for you!”)


Anonymous said...

I guess if we get through the whole year we can look back and smile. How many of us can honestly write a perfect meme? Yours seems just fine to me!
Here's to an almost perfect year ahead.
CJ xx

Expat mum said...

I was tagged to do this by Potty and I haven't been able to. I even have a complete diary/calendar from last year so I know exactly what I did. Apart from an appearance on BBC Radio Five Alive, there is nothing, nothing to shout about!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Feel terribly responsible for causing you to mither! Just tell me to bugger off next time!
I love reading your posts as they are such an eclectic (now there's a word for a Monday afternoon!) mix of observations and heart-warming tales. Carry on doing what you're doing and I'll continue to read! xx

Cait O'Connor said...

It's a good Meme, I might give it a go.

It's a Mummys Life said...

I had trouble with this too, although I did have a baby so at least I had one thing that HAD to go on the list. I love your honesty and will be coming back for more of the same, so for god's sake keep going despite depression.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sounds like a good year to me !
P.S. Your blog entries always make me smile so at least someone's having fun ! Thankyou .

Jenny Holden said...

It's funny how we go blank when put on the spot! 2009 was not the greatest year however, so let's hope for a wonderful 2010 for all of us!

deer baby said...

I couldn't do this meme either for similar reasons. Nothing bad happened in 2009 particularly - it just sort of went. But having to think about it really brought it home how humdrum my life is and how I need a change of heart (and mind).
Well done for doing it and hope that 2010 is a really god year for you.

CAMILLA said...

Hi Tattie.!

It's a great Meme, I have drawn a blank at even doing a blog for ages, 2009 was not a great one for me.

As others have said Tattie, you write with honesty and well done to you for doing the Meme.

Wishing you a good year for 2010 dear Tattie.


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