Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A day to cross off one's calender...

I've been in the shit quite literally so for those of you of a more sensitive nature come back another day - it is not a pretty sight. In fact I doubt it was a pretty sight for my guests either particularly as D had to clear up two of them himself.
It all started last night, The Boy wasn't really up to much but with the excitment of having friends to stay and playing on the Wii and crisps and Orangina, I didn't take much notice. Then in the middle of grown-up dinner, there was a pad padding down the stairs and he was there looking pale and wan and clearly not very well at all.
That was the start of the night from hell.
And I could do nothing.
He had ear ache and it was excrutiating.
All I could do was dose him up to the eyeballs with Ibuprofren and Calpol and get him hot drinks and hot water bottles all night long. He would wake up crying in pain and whenever I went to hold him, he'd angrily push me away saying later Mummy or not now and it hurt like mad and I felt ever so silly. In fact I got quite cross too in my disappointment and frustration.
The Boy slept with me and suffice to say I did not sleep much at all. I watched him and tried to be of help, I fear I was more of a hindrance. And Oh Thank God for Calpol!
At quarter past three I resorted to the internet for inspiration but all the perceived wisdom stated there was nothing that could be done. Eventually we both fell into and exhasuted sleep. Only to be woken waht seemed moments later by a shriek from downstairs.
Our dear Guests had met with the first of three offerings from my dogs, not forgetting the dubious gift courtesy of the cats.
It was not something I needed.
Why oh why if your family is going to be ill must they do it when guests are staying? And why oth why if your dogs decide to do the same thing do thay have to do it right where someone is going to inevitably tread in it? In fact mine did more than that as well as depositing in the main throughfare they also depositied on my Indian Silk Carpet in the dining room - a place they are forbidden from entering. But that's the problem when things go shitty - it really hits the fan!
So bleary eyed I did my best at tidying up and felt that I went from one scream to another chasing after my guests in an attempt to coral them in one place so I could stop them treading in it and hence spreading it all over the house! It was not pleasant.
And just when everything was all back to normal, I noticed the chickens were out - the ones that are not supposed to be out and it dawned on me that today was just one of those days. A day to cross off one's calender...


Preseli Mags said...

Oh Tattie! What a day. Huge sympathy for the earache sufferer. I've been there - both myself and with R6.

And the dogs! The cats! The chickens! Awful timing. Little sods.

I hope you have a lovely New Year and that 2010 is a good one for you. xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Aaargh ! When things go wrong they really go wrong in style , don't they .Poor Boy , earache is so unbearable . Poor you , not sleeping is guaranteed to make the strongest cry's the conviction , usually at 4 in the morning , that you'll never be allowed to sleep again .
But you were there to be cross with ....this is sometimes just what they need !

Arcadian Advocate said...

Oh Tattie how awful. It is a funny year this year. Huge sympathies over earache in the young from years gone by.
The washer died here today, and we had a car in the pond at the weekend.
2010 must be better.
Sleep well tonight.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank God for Calpol, I swear by it when Amy's off colour, although now she has a paracetomol if the pain gets bad.

Doesn't sound very pleasant for you. Dogs are very excitable creatures aren't they!!

CJ xx

Babies who brunch said...

ouch, painful painful. i hope he's better now. and your indian silk carpet has survived...

Tattie Weasle said...

Preseli Mags - still real problems with teh earache but at least now the guests have gone everyone is behaving beautifully!
SmitoniusAndSonata - Long as I know my place: the old punch bag!!!
Arcadian Advoctae - Can't beleive it washer and car??? But how did it get in the pond???
CJ - Calpol is definitiely Mummy's little helper!
Babies who brunch - I think the silk carpet has been saved but I'll know later when I finally un roll it and give it a good hoover...cross fingers!

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