Wednesday, 30 May 2012


For those who may be wondering:
The dog is still alive and I am eternally grateful. She even chased a chicken the other day so we are through the worst and all I have to contend with now is the vet bill!
Thank you to everyone who helped me get through it all your words and comfort meant everything to me!
And the reason why I have not been able to write anything sooner
lack of Internet connection - AGAIN!!!!!!!
The Internet I fear is on its last legs and I don’t know whether I will be connected for very long.
The sad saga of the broadband service where I live just seems to get longer and more convoluted with the telling so I will, for your edification keep it short.
And simple.
The village is  roughly 4 miles from the main BT box which serves Stowmarket. The copper wire which extends these four miles has deteriorated so much that the village can only get up to 1Mb at best at its main connection box just outside the pub. I live a further quarter of a mile on and by the time the signal reaches me I can only get half a Mb – the speed of your basic dial up and that not very clearly.
Quite obviously that isn’t acceptable.
So at great expense I went alternative and sourced my Internet connection through the airwaves. At first it was fabulous and I was ecstatic.
All good stories have BUT.
But over the years it has got more and more frustrating because I get time outs which means no signal can get through to me. This means my broadband speed gets slower and slower resulting on some days with me getting no signal whatsoever.
I am told it is because of the trees and the fact that they grow. The leaves get int eh way all summer long and in the winter it is the wind and the cold that interferes.
Suffice to say all this means is that my ability to stay connected is being severely tested.
Although there is hope.
Strange things have been going on outside the pub and rumour has it that BT Infinity may be descending on our quiet backwater…
If it does…


Anonymous said...

Such good news about the whippet Tattie! Thrilled. Almost worth turning a blind eye if she catches the chicken!

Irene said...

That's a lot of news about the internet and very little about your dog. I think we want more details.

Wally B said...

Glad to hear Tattie is still with us/you.
Sending positive thoughts that might make it better than the internet

Suburbia said...

That would drive me nuts!

(Glad dog is doing well)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good for Tattie !!
I'm intrigued by the "wrong sort of leaves" excuses for feeble internet connection . Wherever one goes in Britain , one sees little villages surrounded by millions of trees .... they can't all be internet-free ?

Rob-bear said...

So glad to hear Tattie dog is doing better.

About BT, what can one say? (Probably a lot, but none printable.)

Jen Walshaw said...

I am so pleased that Tattie is Well and chicken chasing

janerowena said...

My sister isn't far from you - we must have driven past you several times - and she moved up here to work from home - after BT having assured her that the connection would be fine. So you can imagine how angry she was when we discovered a site that shows that it is one of the worst areas in East Anglia for broadband connection. We had the tree problem in Winchester - we couldn't understand how it just got worse and worse until it was explained that the huge trees outside our house were the problem. It was a bit better when we moved everything upstairs. We could even get phone signal there if we stood on a chair in the bathroom! I'm now in a village halfway between BSE and Thetford and we get 2.5, so it really is a lottery. Even that is too slow for iplayer much of the time.

So pleased that the wicked whippet is better.

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