Friday, 4 May 2012

City Men:Country Wives - Welcome Home!

He’s home.
I Love it
I am a little bit tiddly after three glasses of fizz to celebrate the fact I have made it through yet another week without him.
I’d love to go for a fourth but I would lie comatose on the floor; not a spectacle I wish my husband, let alone my boys, to see.
This is the perennial problem.
I get stressed out about the fact that I am in effect a single mother during the week and then a second class citizen at the weekends.
It is a dichotomy I cannot resolve.
One minute my word is law and the next I might as well not exist.
It is a dilemma I feel ineffectual to resolve..especially after three glasses of champagne.
Here again I could be using the champagne as a shield to hide the fact that I really wish to be in charge of this ship. But is that diplomatic?
If I take charge I am relegating my husband and all his achievements to something akin to a mere funding pool which any second rate bank employee could sell.
If I let him be the BIG I AM then I feel as if I have been usurped.
Silly really.
I know I am top dog
I suppose I just wish every now and then that he acknowledges it too….
Meantime I will opt for that fourth glassed and the sweet oblivion and freedom from responsibility it gives me at the end of the week
After all he has been driving so he has a long way to catch up….


Expat mum said...

I think it's a fair comment to say that when one parent is the boss all week and then the other comes in and takes over, the kids get mixed messages, and yes, it does undermine you.
You could perhaps discuss it without being too accusatory by saying that when he becomes the disciplinarian at the weekend, the kids only see him as that (and does he really want that?), and point out that they pay less attention to you during the week, (even if they don't).

Tattie Weasle said...

Expat Mum - Good thinking batman! I know how he hates being the bad guy!

Wally B said...

I'm the bad guy all week and at weekends. I still get hugs and cuddles though. I guess being the disciplinarian, doesn't always equate to being left out. I'd let him have his weekend and I'd enjoy the freedom while you can.Another glass perhaps? Cheers.

Irene said...

I think Expat Mum is right and you should carry on in the weekends as you have during the week. You seem to be doing a fine job of it so why not? It will be less confusing for the kids and for you.

Rob-bear said...

You are still you on the weekend. So I would suggest you "stay" you. On the weekends. By time you bring the partner up to speed on the home front, it will be time for him to leave. Sigh!

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