Thursday, 30 June 2011

Held hostage by the internet or not as the case maybe...

My cyberlife is in melt down. I have been sobbing in sheer frustration and utter despair for the last half hour; it's not a pretty sight. I even got on the phone to my husband and caught him still on the train, where of course he could not talk to me, as I ranted about the unfairness of it all.
It has been a bad eight weeks, a cyberlifetime, if you get what I mean. Unable to comunicate across the ether, a hostage to my ISP. The sheer frustration.
I begin to look with more than envy at those with uber fast broadband. And I realise how incredibly precious it has been for me; what a life line it is and how when it goes awry, how utterly vulnerable I am in my splendid isolation in Suffolk.
For without it I cannot work. It's that simple.
No reliable internet and I cannot work, there is no income for me.
Maybe my husband does earn enough for both but that is not the point. Without internet I have NO choice.
It was brought home to me very forcibly when we got back from a weekend in Serbia  (it was for a family christening) and I read that the publisher of my magazine was restructuring and getting rid of a lot of print versions as these are seen as passe and frankly don't generate enough profit. It looks like my job is on the line but there again withtout the internet my job was already on the line.
And as for  blogging, something I love, well that's on the line too.
I feel like I am stranded on an island and I am watching the ship sail away....


Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear, Tattie. Your job is on the line because you computer is not on the line.
Technology is wonderful, isn't it; if you can get it to work. Big "IF."
Perhaps from your isolated confines in the hinterland of rural Suffolk, you can write the Great British Novel of the 21st century.
Best wishes in all of that.

diney said...

Oh heck - isn't it amazing how we are so dependent on technology, and it working correctly, nowadays. Hope it all works out....shame.

b1 said...

i agree diney

tech is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Very, very frustrating. I feel your pain. We virtually (pun intended) live our life by the internet these days and it shouldn't be so. But progress is progress and we have to move with the time. The problems arise when our connection breaks down or our computers pack up. I have an absolutely diabolical connection of half a meg where as the average household has around 8-16 megs. It's a disgrace but BT broadband say they can't do anything about it because I live too far away from the exchange. But should that be my problem? Is it right that I still have no choice but to pay for the full 8 megs which is what my nearest exchange is capable of giving out? Of course it isn't fair.

I do hope you get this sorted. You've inspired a blog post from me anyway. I'll link you in it!!

CJ xx

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

AAGH that's so frustrating and, in your case, it's your lifeline.
I do hope you get sorted, Tattie x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How frustrating !
It's hard to understand why it's so difficult in 2011 to provide a satisfactory service outside a few big cities .
I hope there's a solution soon . If only to avoid your total meltdown !

Gappy said...

Oh no what a nightmare. How are things coming along with getting it all fixed?

Go on you know you want to...


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