Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ohmygod! Not another wicked whippet!

From Right to Left: Tucker, Angel and Star
I have a little problem it's about nine inches tall and is grey from the tip of it's nose to the end of it's tail with a few splodges of white on its velvety pink paws. Everywhere I go she wants to follow and she's been doing this from the very beginning.

Now the deal was that Sassy, my evil black job (EBJ) and delight of my life when she's not running away with the loo roll, or eating  the stackers crisps out of the tube then hurtling around the kitchen with it stuck on the end of her nose, would have a litter of pups and we would sell them ALL.
I don't think anyone explained that to Angel. Angel, one of the four little girls and one of the two not sold so far, has always been the first to  look out for me ever since she was tiny. The first to run to the bars of the  pen to see me in the morning, the first to jump up for attention and the first to work out that if you climb over the top you can be free to go where you want, which is right beside me. I didn't make any extra fuss of her compared to the others, I didn't single her out in anyway but she singled me out and now I have a problem.
I have to sell her, Dear Charlie will not be brooked, and I totally understand. Five dogs would be way too many and it would be quite ridiculous; I mean it is bad enough as it is. But she's got under my skin and I know I will be heartbroken when she leaves and there's a little bit of me that says; "Oh what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound!" 
I could of course just not sell her and leave it at that but the ructions that would cause, the arguments and recriminations dioesn't bear thinking about. If Angel were to stay then it has to be his decision and there is no way he will change his mind once he has made it up.
So Angel, this fiesty squiggle of determination is going to have to have such a special family, such a special home and of course she'll have to come back for visits...


Crystal Jigsaw said...

I know exactly what you mean! I still miss the four puppies we sold last year, even though I kept two!

CJ xx

resewn sally said...

Oh bless! They're all so beautiful! I know how you feel. I often wish our old rescue lurcher hadn't been neutered as she's such a delight and would make a wonderful mum. We're on he look out for a friend for her, as she's missing doggy company, next door have just moved out with her friend and she's a bit lost bless her.
Sal. X

Tattie Weasle said...

CJ - I've been so lucky the last litter we kept one, Gemma, and in touch with three of the other puppies. This litter I know I'll be seeing two of them all the time because theya re going to friends but the other three....!!!
Resewn Sally - well here they are ready made lurcher friends!!! There again you DO know about their mother don't you...;)

diney said...

They are all so velvety and gorgeous! I know how you must feel, though we've never had a litter to deal with I'm sure we would have kept at least one or two, or three....both of us are softies with dogs and cats!!

Tattie Weasle said...

diney - It get's worse Angel is climbing out of her puppy area to find us all and she is just too cute...he says NO still. He's ruight though and I have to harden my heart. The advert is in teh Horese & Hound tomorrow and hopefully there will be a few really good families looking for a perfect whippet....!!!

Mud in the City said...

I really really wish I could.... but I don't suppose she'd like Singapore!

Go on you know you want to...


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