Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yeti Spotting (Part One)

Up until now I have kept work, blog and family fairly separate in that what I do in the confines of my office at home stays there. I don’t ask Dear Charlie to proof read or approve of what I do, though he has been known to stand over my shoulder in that really annoying way he has and breath. Not that I mind him breathing, I’d rather he continue to do so for quite some time but not in that way he has when he’s looking over my shoulder. I digress.
Until now things have been separate but the other week I got an opportunity to put myself forward to test drive the new Skoda Yeti. I honestly didn’t think it would happen but it did on Saturday. We went Yeti Spotting at Woburn Safari Park courtesy of lovely people at Skoda and drove the beast all the way round, twice!
I had many misgivings about the whole thing. From why? To please let my children behave. To don’t let me not make a complete fool of myself. To what on earth have I let my family and I in for? And, it really is a long, long way from home isn’t it? Though that one was said when we were stuck in traffic two hours from home with two extremely tiresome boys in the back just outside Bedford with only 15 minutes to go to get to our destination at the designated time. It was also the moment when Dear Charlie told me roundly to: “For good ness sake stop getting in a panic it’s not the end of the world.” Wherein I promptly snapped back at him waspishly and missed the turning completely. After a few minutes of heated debate and with two now very silent boys in the rear, we got back to where we went wrong and in utter silence we swept up the drive to the Safari Park.
It did not look as though the day would bode well until an awe struck voice from the back announced.
“This is awesome!”
Which suppose it was.
And then we were all chattering and bouncing up and down eager to be the first to spot the wild animals. The Boy claimed the prize as he pointed to a two legged 6’ something sheepskin rug that was waving at us. But it wasn’t until we got out of our car that he asked me what it was.
Me: “A yeti I suppose.”
Him: “A real one?”
Me: “Looks like it”
The Yeti waved again and caution to the wind my eldest skipped right up to it to take a closer look. It’s amazing how he does that so fearlessly. Within moments he was happily chattering away asking questions until he was satisfied that the Yeti was really truly real.
His younger brother was more cautious until he was asked which of the beautifully polished and sparkling Skoda cars in front he would like to drive in – there was no hesitation: “The Red One.”
It was said as reverently as Gollum from Lord of the Rings would talk about “My Precious” in reference to the last ring of the fellowship which he had possessed for 500 years before losing it to the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.
It’s good to know that my sons are easily swayed by something as simple as an overgrown talking sheepskin rug or the colour of a car. But their joy and exuberance was infectious and I was coming round to thinking that perhaps the day was going to be OK after all.


Potty Mummy said...

And how was it? (I only ask because we may be in need of a car in Moscow and somehow I just have this feeling that our partnership with Skoda might not be over just yet...)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I love Woburn as it is just down the road from us. Everyone who came to visit was taken around the safari park. There is also a fantastic restaurant there in the park called Paris House where one of the Roux brothers is a part owner. I've dined there twice and it cost a small fortune but it was worth it at the time!

Woburn has a great high street too and one of my favourite china shops is there. Love it.

Hope you had a good driving experience!

Woozle1967 said...

How was the car? We are all dying to know! And, yes, definitely, boys WILL prefer red cars - they go faster, don't you know?!?

Woozle1967 said...

BTW - how funny, my word verification was "uredb" - couldn't make that one up if I tried!x

Preseli Mags said...

I want to know how the car was too! It sounds like a fun day. I've never been to Woburn.

PS: My word verification is: inautto. Which is what you were, of course. The red one!

Faith said...

My daughter was at Woburn the other day but don't think she's turned into a yeti... yet. (mine's inetswo)

Tattie Weasle said...

Potty - Right yes that was the whole point of the exercise wasn't it? can tell it's my first time can't you! Part Two will be all about it - I promise!
MOB - It was brill and it could have been brill but we didn't dine there (note to self to persuade Dear Charlie for a return visit) and the Yeti was sort of cool too.
Woozle - How silly of me, of course the red ones go faster. I liked your code to get in and then did you see Preseli Mags - bit twilight zone really.....
Preseli Mags - YES I promise but just gotta watch Ememrdale first...
Faith - I hope she had a great day . we did and it was the first time I'd visited there in thirty three years. Still awsome!

lampworkbeader said...

What larks you have.

Tattie Weasle said...

Lampwork beader - Larks indeed but looking suspiciously like Yetis!

Go on you know you want to...


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