Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bringing up Boys: His first Valentine

Be My Valentine
The Boy has delivered his first Valentine. His first proper Valentine. And I have mixed emotions.
Half of me is delighted. His Valentine is a wonderful girl, pretty and popular in the school and one with whom he has been friends from the very first day he arrived.
But there is a bit of me that is absolutely terrified that he is going to get hurt and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive his Valentine if she is the one who puts the boot in on his fragile dreams.
My imagination goes into overdrive and I picture him  tentatively handing over the card to his Valentine in front of the whole class all her fiends and all of his and opening up a whole can of worms on the teasing front. Can you imagine it?
Even if his valentine was pleased with the all the attention, all it would take is one other child to say something silly and the moment would be destroyed and instead of being happy The Boy’s Valentine would be humiliated and in turn furious with The Boy for putting her in such a situation. There would be ructions and I don't think my boy would recvover easily.
So knowing he was nervous of rejection and the whole Valentine thing in general I was hoping that he’d cop out and not go ahead with it; but he’s made of sterner stuff. Luckily I was able to persuade him not to give the valentine at school.
So it has been delivered into the hands of the girl's mother with strict instructions not to let her daughter have it until they are on their way skiing tonight for half term.
At least this way if he is rejected it can be done quietly and more importantly no one will know, at least not until after half term!


Suburbia said...

Awww Scary isn't it, having boys?

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart. I hope, for his sake, that she's kind to him. I remember before my first dance (a barn-dance actually, which dates me) being given strict instructions from my mother not to turn down any boy who asked me to dance, because he'd have been very brave to do the asking. Good advice!

About Last Weekend said...

Good for him - he is made of very stern stuff. It's so PC here kids are not allowed to give individual Valentines, just enmasse things to the class...And what a sweet piccy of your little lad.

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