Thursday, 17 January 2013

I like chocolate - especially when I'm dieting

I like chocolate
I like it lots and lots
I especially like chocolate
When to have it I am not...

Why is it you only really crave chocolate when you have decided you must not have it?
Why can't chocolate in VAST quantities be part of a healthy balanced and nutritious diet?
Why do I long for it when I am trying to lose weight in a way that I never normally do?
I dream of chocolate.
I can sniff it in the air.
And more worryingly I know exactly where to find it.
In the sweetie drawer which calls to me like Sirens do to sailors lost at sea.
I can't help but wander past the drawer several times a day and I scent the delicious creamy choclateyness and I can almost feel it melt like silk on my tongue and I swear I slobber.
It is not nice.
I think I am worse than the dogs.
But I MUST have willpower.
I MUST beat my craving, for I know that as soon as I let myself have one tiny morsel I will be doomed. You see there is SO much in the drawer: Thorntons, Cadbury's, Nestle, ooohhh Galaxy chocolate and there's Toblerone and Bendicks Bitter Mints.
But worse, much worse than that, there is Green & Blacks Dairy Milk 34%.
Not a name to go tripping off the tongue but OMG, the sheer unadulterated delight as you let it melt in your mouth!
You'd think such stuff would have been banned  by now or at least put on the top shelf - it is sinfully good.
Until I hit my target weight I must not give into my cravings.
I must be virtuous.
Self controlled and self contained.
For now....


Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes get rid of that chocolate! Why keep it in the house if it tempts you so. If it's for someone else have them lock it up or hide it somewhere. No one truly needs chocolate even if it is so good.

mrsnesbitt said...

Amazingly I am alergic to chocolate yet I always have an urge to sneak a taste - this is usually OK. The girls at the Co-op love me cos I'll buy a Cadbury's caramel bunny, snap his ears off eat, and give the rest to the girls. This is enough without the headaches for me - such a snack usually lasts me a week.

Tattie Weasle said...

mrsnesbitt - I didn't know people could be allergic to chocolate! It does taste good though! Am feeling very virtuous at present as I have not given in to temptation. Luckily the majority belongs to my bopys and is part of their Christmas horde and I'd not steal from them - my life wouldn't be worth it afterwards!!! :)

Lisa said...

I've never tried green & blacks but u make it sound amazing! And yes, throw that choccy out! Visit from blow your own blog horn :)

Tattie Weasle said...

Lisa - do try Green and Blacks a little less sweet but delicious all the same! And yes I do need to remove choccy but its not mine! Have to encourage boys to eat it quickly!

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