Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bringing Up Boys - Being put in your place..

I have been well and truly put in my place.
I thought Bog Boy liked having a bath with me and mucking about in the water, but this morning I was told that he'd prefer it if he had a bath on his own.
I was taken aback.
I hadn't asked him to have a bath with me last night, he had decided to join me and I had acquiesced. We often have baths and showers en famile; I thought no worries.
Obviously, I was wrong.
"OK," I said.
"You're not upset are you?" He asked, looking at me worriedly.
"No not at all," I lied trying to keep my voice light and happy.
He heard the edge in it.
"Look Mum, " he said with all the earnestness that a six year old can muster as he cocked his head on one side. "It's not personal, just I think its wrong to bath with a girl."
I briefly fast forwarded a few years and thought you'll be changing your tune in a decade or so my  little man..
He carried on in a very grown up way. "Boys should be with boys that's all."
And he proceeded to spoon the jam onto his toast.
"So you're quite happy to have a shower with Daddy then?" Said I, rubbing salt into my own wounds. My little boy was growing up before my eyes and I was being left out as the only girl in the family.
"Oh yes!" he answered blithely.
"Little toad!" I thought slitting my eyes and biting firmly into my own toast only to land up catching the edge of my tongue between my teeth and making my eyes water.
"You're not crying Mum are you?!" He squawked in alarm.
"No Darling! Really I'm not!"
"You mustn't worry you know! You still make the bestest Mum in the world..."
"You're ONLY mum!" I answered as I always do when either of the boys says that.
He carried on quickly, "And you make the bestest jam too!"
Good to know I am still appreciated...


Tattie Weasle said...

Sometimes you jus thave to put in your own comment to know that you exist...

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I know you exist! And I also know exactly how you feel, been there, done that, got the wet towel!

In my case my son announced that he wanted to have his bath on his own so there was more room for his toy boats. And he was only three! Mind you he was planning a career in the Navy until he lost most of the sight in one eye.

He ran his first marathon yesterday, so all grown up now. Didn't think to ask if he'd be sharing his post race bath with his girlfriend ;)

janerowena said...

I would have commented - only I was away celebrating my own very large birthday!

My son will barely take his shirt off in my presence nowadays. It seems so odd somehow, after all the physical contact we used to have. Yet my daughter thinks nothing of stripping off in front of me to try on my clothes.

Rob-bear said...

The world is full of change. And you're right; give him a decade, and he'll sing and different tune.

Condolences in the meantime.

Go on you know you want to...


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