Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Do they still believe in Father Christmas?

It’s getting a bit touch and go here as to whether The Boy believes or not. There are a lot of question marks, indeed there are a lot of questions which are randomly fired at me at all sort s of times both day and night. I feel as though I am on the spot and that he is trying to trip me up. If my answers don’t tally then the game is up.
Him: “Can you go and see Father Christmas in Lapland?”
Me: “I am told you can.”
Him: “Is Father Christmas real?”
Me: “He is if you believe he is.”
Him: “Do YOU believe in Father Christmas Mummy?”
Me: “I believe.”
Sometimes he throws me googlies.
Him: “How can Father Christmas deliver all the presents to everyone all over the world in time?”
Me: “Magic.”
Him: Why are there a lot of Father Christmases in shops and everywhere?”
Me: Because there is only one Father Christmas sometimes he has to get people to help him so everyone is happy.”
Him: “Why does Father Christmas not give you everything you ask for even if you have been really good?”
Me: “Father Christmas always asks your parents if the presents he brings are right for you. He wouldn’t like to upset Mummies and Daddies at Christmas time.”
He’s working things out my boy but when he does finally work it out I just hope he’ll keep it quiet until his little brother is ready to ask those questions for himself…


Wally B said...

We're on borrowed time. He's still a believer, despite the mounting evidence to the contrary. Over here, Santa only brings one present. The rest come from family or friends, so we have to wrap Santa's present differently, and keep it well hidden.

Milla said...

my (very clever and very scientific) 13 year old still seems to believe. One family we know (totally scientific) never did any of the tooth fairy / father christmas stuff because it was "lying" to the children - WHAT!!! Tantamount to child cruelty.
I love it all, love it.

Suburbia said...

It's a minefield isn't it?! Mine almost believed last year and this year I am guessing he knows. Sad really, end of an era.

About Last Weekend said...

Yes Tallulah and Cy are like this too. She's suspecting but doesn't really want to know. She wrote a seven page letter last night about wanting a chinchilla...

Nora said...

Then by next year he won't believe in him anymore and he'll not fall for your answers. I hope he leaves his brother in the dark and helps you keep the secret. He should be a great helper. XOX

Jude said...

I'm getting identical questions from my eldest at the moment, and I'm answering them in an identical manner too. He tells me that all the Muslim kids at school say that Santa isn't real, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I never say directly whether he is or not, but it's getting increasingly difficult to wriggle out of it, and it makes me feel guilty. As a result of all this, even my 5 year old, who it has to be said is pretty shrewd, is beginning to suspect now too.

Expat mum said...

Def on borrowed time too with the 8 year old, especially as lots of his friends are Jewish and in the past, have been known to blow the lid off the Santa myth.
Having said all that, he has just decided to write his list (now that I've bought presents), and I nearly blew it by blurting out "Don't make it too long." Of course he asked "Why?" and my rapid-fire response was, "Because if you ask for too much he makes me get some."
Phew. I think.

Preseli Mags said...

My seven-year-old definitely still believes. I have a feeling my nine-year-old has found out but doesn't want to let on in case the presents stop (they won't!)

Naked Mommy said...

Fingers crossed! I figured it out early and ruined it for my sister. She reminds me.. often.. to this day. It's so fun when they believe because you can trick them into being good for the whole month of December! I'm hoping my kids don't find out it's a sham for a really long time... 20 years would be good. ; )

I always enjoy your blog and gave you an award! Please see my latest post for details.


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Marcheline said...

I was never taught to believe in Santa bringing gifts, so my sister and I never went through any withdrawal. We knew our folks bought us gifts because they loved us, and we knew Santa Claus was part of the season's stories, just like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and the other holiday characters. We still loved the stories and the holiday movies, and loved Christmas just as much - maybe more, because we knew our folks worked hard to get us presents for the big morning.

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