Monday, 3 May 2010

Lest we forget the stalwarts...

I’ve just returned form the most extraordinary meeting where I was guest speaker. It was the Royal British Legion (Women’s Section) – a microcosmia of a world gone mad.
This tiny group of some 23 members - there had been 24 and it became a little difficult for the ladies to work out just who had not rejoined when one commented had they taken account of those that had copped it recently and then the numbers added up quite conveniently.
However, I digress, this tiny group is a registered charity on its own account and because the powers that be on the national executive have changed branding so must they - this causes a whole heap of trouble and an enormous amount of paper pushing as of course the bank account details have to be changed. The ladies – average age 70+ - rise to the occasion but one feels that the banks are not exactly helpful.
Then to make matters worse there is the national executive which is trying to make all elections go by ballot – postal ballot. This is fine but the wording for changing all of this is not exactly plain English and it makes it difficult to comprehend however the ladies finally come to grips with it and realise that a) this will cost a lot and b) will mean that they will have less of a say at conference than they used to – and no one is happy.
It seems to me that here these ladies are raising money, loyally manning stalls, spreading the word lest we forget and their own governors seem to want to disenfranchise them. I know it is a bit simplistic but it feels that this is a going on all over the place from government, through business and now charities – why can’t we all have a say and why must things get so complicated and more important of all why does the language have to be so damn convoluted!!!!
Anyway I gave my talk and my very appreciative audience - to my face at least – could not have been more kind and I have come home with some lovely flowers and a huge admiration for this little tiny group of stalwarts.


diney said...

I agree - why do bureaucrats have to try and be such jobsworths and make life far too complicated.

Tattie Weasle said...

diney - bureaucracy seems to be endemic!

Go on you know you want to...


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