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The Perfect Happy Family Home...

Did you know there’s a very complicated equation to work that one out…had me stumped for words too. Surely not, I mean not seriously! Well, no, the bods at house builder Persimmon are certainly not serious it’s only meant to be a bit of fun but perhaps they are onto something. Can space and its use help create a more harmonious life in the home?
Being totally outnumbered by boys I know the importance of space and specifically of having more than one loo. Actually I am very lucky I have more than one bathroom I thank heaven that I don’t have to share. I think that would be pushing things too far as they get older, I mean it’s bad enough at present when they insist on finding out what I am doing in there.
Firstly you get the plaintive: Muuummmmm? Where are you?
Now that is when you have two options: Option A: fess up or Option B: stay quiet. Fess up and you are trapped. Keep quiet and hope they fail to track you down leaving you in relative peace for five minutes.
If you go with Option A this is what usually happens…
You answer: On the loo
They say: What are you doing?
You say: I’m going to the loo.
They say: Can we go too?
You say: Use the other loo.
They say: But can’t we use yours?
You say: No I’m using it at present. Please wait.
They say: But I’m bursting!
You basically give up and let them use the loo as you know you’ll not get any peace.
Or you opt for Option B
They say: Muuummmm? Are you there?
You stay quiet
They start to climb the stairs:
They Say: Muummm where are you?
You stay quiet
They start to stomp down the corridor opening the doors.
They say: Mum? Mum? Are you hiding?
You stay very quiet. You stop going to the loo and hold everything in.
They start to get suspiciously closer.
They say: Mum? Are you on the loo?
You stop breathing and pray they don’t try the door.
They stop outside the door. They start to breath heavily.
They say: Mum is you in there?
You keep very still and oh so quietly lift your feet off the floor in case they try to peer at you from underneath.
They try the door and it is at that moment you realize you forgot to lock it….
They say: Mum!!! What are you doing?
You say Going to the loo…etc etc
Now I know that Persimmon Homes  weren’t actually thinking along those lines when they came up with the equation, it had far more to do with  entertaining and dining and creating zones for family and private use but I think a home needs only two loos and of course a massive dollop of humour to be perfectly happy home!
PS: You might be wondering just why Persimmon Homes was doing this. Well it’s all part of National Family Week which starts today and all over half term; there’s loads of events, competitions and days out to inspire you and for you to join in with!
PPS Here’s the Press Release which went with the Persimmon Homes Equation have fun and see if you are on track for a perfectly happy family home!!!

We all remember playing the children’s card game, Happy Families, but have you ever wondered how to create your own happy family home? As part of National Family Week (running 31st May – 6th June) Persimmon Homes has answered the burning question of how to create a perfectly harmonious house to help frustrated families across the country.
Persimmon has commissioned a fun formula to calculate the optimum number of rooms and spaces to help create the perfect happy family home, including bedrooms, receptions rooms and a garden that a family would require, taking into consideration a number of factors.
The equation is as follows:


The number of rooms (N) depends on the following family factors:
  • n is the number of family members
  • S is the hours/per week family members socialise with friends and neighbours at home
  • f is the number of hours per week family members interact as a family while at home
  • p is the number of hours per week family members engage in private activities while at home

Ian Lynch, project director for the Happiness Project, states: “In a happy home there is equilibrium between quiet, respect and private space with the need for play and creativity as demonstrated by Persimmon Homes’ formula.
“A happy home is a safe, nurturing environment that family members want to be a part of, which undoubtedly attracts friends and colleagues, and such homes are often a magnet for others to visit. There is a great sense of fun, and social activity, where successes are celebrated, and family members are encouraged and nurtured. Happy homes are vibrant places, where self-acceptance, love, play, study, connection, growth and understanding all come together in balance and harmony.”
Dominic Harman, group communications director for Persimmon Homes, adds: “Our quirky equation will help families to gauge how many rooms and garden space they personally require to create the best possible foundation for happiness at home.
 “At Persimmon we spend a great deal of time researching purchaser requirements, and as no two families are the same we have invested heavily into designing versatile family homes with ample space to accommodate the needs and requirements of even the most discerning of residents – both young and old!”

  • α in principle can be calculated from the number of parents and number of children and their genders. For example a typical value would be α = 4/5 (four out of the five family members are one gender)

  • β relates the hours spent socialising to the need for reception rooms (a grade out of ten). For example a typical value might be β = 3/10

  • γ = expresses constant terms that include for example the need for a study or home office.  γ = 1 if a study or home office is needed, if a home office isn’t required then γ = 0

  • int denotes rounding the figure up or down to a whole number for example int(4.23) = 4 or int(4.86) = 5

About the Happiness Project:
The Happiness Project became a household name in 1996 when the BBC broadcast a BBC QED documentary called ‘How to be Happy’. Robert Holden, Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence. His innovative work on happiness and success has been featured on Oprah and in two major BBC TV documentaries: The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy.
Each year the Happiness Project participates in a rich program of public workshops corporate consultancy, media events and ongoing research. Robert Holden, Ben Renshaw, Avril Carson, Ian Lynch and other members of the Happiness Project team continue to create new offerings. To find out more visit  


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

We have three loos too. As there are only two of us most of the time, that's fine. When the boys come to stay three is a Godsend. The only other thing I need is to build an extension to create a den with comfy sofas, a wide screen telly and a fridge so that I can get Himself and guests to watch footie in there. Then I can have the sitting room all to myself! A football free haven.

Anonymous said...

We have 4 loos, but one is in the basement. If had my druthers I'd opt for a huge mudroom where wellington boots and coats can be dumped and dogs can be washed etc. and a laundry that is at least twice the size that the average male builder thinks it ought to be...

Tattie Weasle said...

MOB - oooh that sounds perfect and extra telly room where no football or other boring sports allowed!
veryanniemary - why do builders never give enough room for useful things like laundry/utilities but will give disproportionate large areas to teh garage which everyone knows will never get used for it's proper purpose!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I love the way p = the number of hours per week family members engage in private activities in the home . Or , in the case of mothers with young children , not so private activities .

Go on you know you want to...


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