Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hi Wales we're here if you didn't already know...

Yep arrived with a bang or in my case with some rather choice Anglo Saxon after an eight and a half hour trek from Suffolk in the east to New Quay, Wales in the west via the M25 (deliciously clear) and the M4(what was that about nose to tail right through to bloomin Carmarthen!)
By the time I stopped driving I was literally seeing stars and felt as though I would never be able to stand straight again. There are times I truly believe I'd be able to get to Australia faster than I can get to the land of my forefathers and we're meant to be part of one united kingdom.
Crossing into Wales over the bridge in amongst the most godawful traffic this side of a bank holiday I glanced over to the opposite carriageway taking people back to england it was empty, it made me panic a bit thinking that all of those holiday makers trying to get back were still stuck trying to get in..
Anyway, we got here and just as I drew up it started to rain hence my choice words. The Boys were round eyed and let's just say very keen to help mummy unload and get sorted. The quickly hunkered inside 'sorting' everything out while I grappled with getting the gas on.
Every year I have the same problem or at least variations of it trying to remember just how it's done and every year I have forgotten - this year was no exception just that it was a bit wetter than normal.
A lot wetter than normal so much so that even my knickers were wet
And it wasn't until I called the cavalry in the form of next door neighbours, caretakers etc that I remembered to turn the butterfly valve to vertical...
It was time for a little more Anglo saxon - I really wish I could do it in welsh.
So hi Wales we're here if you hadn't already noticed....
And I remembered that I had to turn the butterfly to vertical


BNM said...

Can join you on the swearing on bridge as we were there too going home to Mid West Wales. (not far from New Quay). Hope you have a great holiday and remember sea air will make any age kid fall asleep!!


Tattie Weasle said...

BNM - the sea air has been marvellous, the rain less so but memories of being stuck in a car on a blazing hot day are just that and fading, I do love Wales once I'm here!

Go on you know you want to...


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