Monday, 20 August 2012

Not having a holiday

Do mothers ever get holidays? I'm not sure.
I'm here in a static caravan on a receding cliff on the Welsh coast with two energetic boys, a blind and somewhat deaf jack russell and a whippet that has serious separation issues and despite everyone else enduring a heat wave all we have on the horizon is rain, rain and more rain.
I'm trying to look on the bright side at least my boys don't care about getting wet so there are plenty of things for us to do most of which would involve them getting wet anyway such as boogie boarding, crossing the river (a favourite past time whenever we venture west which involve lots of broad flat stones and a river that is luckily nevermore than a large stream at best), rock pooling, and sea challenging which involves paddling in the sea in your clothes and challenging the surf to see how long you can stay dry before a rogue wave gets you and you get soaking wet.
The dogs quite like getting wet too, well perhaps not Tattie my whippet, but Tigger adores it and he is rather hairy. Every time the boys venture near the sea he is with them splashing about barking and digging up the sand.
Tattie ping pongs from me sitting well above the water line to them in the surf bravely plunging in then hurtling back to check that I am where she last left me and then shaking all the water off so by the time we return back to the caravan we are all rather wet and sandy.
I do a lot of cleaning in Wales.
Probably more cleaning than I ever do at home.
I also do a lot more ordering about in Wales trying to get the boys to think a bit before they charge about in their wet and muddy gear. I seem to be on a permanent look out lest the place gets wrecked!
But despite that I don't feel I am getting much of a holiday clearing, cleaning, cooking and minding, I do love it. Lying in bed at night listening to the waves crash down on the shore as I did as a child when we stayed here, I wonder if my mum got much of a holiday back then or did she too remember her childhood sojourns in this magical place?
For my boys are the fourth generation to come here for our holidays perhaps they too will bring their children in time and enjoy not having a holiday too...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I envy you ... it does sound like the perfect non-holiday !

Trish @ Mums Gone To... said...

I love that last sentence, Tattie! It's all about memories at the end of the day, isn't it.

Expat mum said...

On the whole we have never stayed in hotels when we go on holiday (renting houses and apartments has been our norm). This usually means that it's basically home from home as regards "chores". I have to admit that the Ball & Chain pulls his weight though and tends to take care of all the cooking!

Rob-bear said...

Mothers were invented because God could not be everywhere all the time. Or so the story goes.

"Man may work from sun to sun, but womens'
work is never done."

That aside, I do hope you have a delightful times in Wales. Sounds wonderful to me (except for the constant cleaning).

Jan said...

My husband was surprised that I hated camping-especially in a tent. I finally told him that while everyone else got a great break, I was simply taking all my regular work with me and having to do it without benefit of electricity and running water! I don't mind hiking about seeing beautiful places, picnicking, etc., but give me a hotel room at the end of the day!

Tattie Weasle said...

SmitoniusAndSonata - it is!
Trish - it is and we a very lucky to have this place all two bedrooms and two bathrooms one en suite!
Expat Mum - I only get cross when they don't pull their weight otherwise I dint mind too much..really although an occasional stay ia fab hotel never goes a miss!
Rob-bear - love to hear that god couldn't be everywhere so that's why mums were invented! My boys certainly think I am godlike esp with my uncanny ability to know when they are up to no good!
Jan - I don't mind camping as long as I am not looking after anyone else then I can be as messy as I like!

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