Monday, 9 July 2012

Bringing up boys: First sleepover do I call or not?

Bog Boy
So he’s gone and it is horrendously quiet here. In fact I didn’t realise how much space Bog Boy took up in my life until he went.
And now I am at a loose end and feel as though there is something I have forgotten to do – it isn’t a pleasant feeling.
And I am wondering about whether I should call or not.
To see if he’s OK.
To check that the family who are having him to stay haven’t actually changed their minds. If it is eerily silent here how much noisier must it be over there. Maybe they need rescuing?
There again it IS blissfully peaceful here - and that doesn’t happen often.
Not in the holidays.
The Boy has a mate over to stay but they don’t need me so I have all this unexpected time to do stuff and I don’t know what to do.
I am being drawn to the telephone.
I am hovering.
Should I just check?
A quick call.
Or would that just create a ruckus at that end.
Would that just be too humiliating for him – his mother checking his every move? A helicopeter mum permanently hovering over his head.
He’s only six so maybe he wouldn’t mind.
But what if - horrors of horrors - he’s been hating it and desperately wants to come home?
What if he is kicking up a fuss and they can’t wait to get rid of him given any excuse?
Tick Tock
Tick Tock
Think I’d better leave it until later, just after bedtime, then call to check. Can’t possibly be made to go and fetch him if he has been a monster and if he was really hating it I am sure they’d have called before now.
Sometimes it’s better, I suppose, to do too little than to hover about too much.
What do you think!?


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

If he's unhappy , they'll call you and bring him back .... just as you would with any small unhappy sleeper-over at your house .
Put your feet up and revel in the unaccustomed peace !

Tattie Weasle said...

SmitoniusAndSonata - he called me to wish me goodnight. He's having a blast! Very much doubt he'll want to come home....

Maggie Christie said...

How sweet that he called you! Mine have never done that - far too busy having fun and trying to stay awake all night.

Jude said...

I read an article recently that highlighted the long-term benefits of benign neglect for children - I think this was one of those occasions where you had to hold back, and look how you've been rewarded - it's lovely that he called you.

Expat mum said...

I was going to say a huge NO, then he proved my point. He's fine. No news is good news.
I dropped the Man-Child off at a camp in the middle of northern Michigan nowhere yesterday. I would have stayed with him all afternoon till he felt OK, but he knew that he had to just get out there and make friends, so he was itching for me to leave. SOB. Sometimes you just have to trust that they'll be OK.

Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Aww, how lovely that he called you to say goodnight.

I probably would have been pacing around the room, picking up the phone, putting it back down again...

Tattie Weasle said...

Maggie Christie - he's back and he said he missed me! Of course it had nothing to do witht eh sweets he expected to get....cupboard love!
Jude - benign neglect definitiely something I am at expert at on most occasions just not when they are away from home!
Expat Mum - I'd have hung around like a bad smell pret6ending I had no idea...but you are right one has to trust they'll be OK in the's no wonder we go grey as we get older!!!!

Tattie Weasle said...

Very Bored in Catalunya - I was pacing about but then someone sweetly gave me some wine and I was OK...half a bottle later!

Rob-bear said...

Ah, the lad is getting older and, strangely, has just a bit less need of you. Frightening, isn't it; they grow up so quickly. But he did phone home; I'll bet that felt wonderful!

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Tattie Weasle said...

Rob Bear - They do grow up awful fast and I really dont apprecaite in the everyday life I lead but just occasionally I think I get it! And yes it was a wonderful feeling!

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