Friday, 22 July 2011

Pissy woo - the joys of older cat maintenance

They've nicknamed her Pissy Woo. It is not very respectful to an older cat but really rather accurate. For Pissy Woo will just do it wherever and whenever she feels the need. It is rather awkward to defend her in a houseful of Dog people but as I remind them we will all be old and frail one day and we too may have problems.
My boys look at me in disbelief.
"What you mean we'll pee on the floor?!"
I peered over the top of my glasses at him, one eyebrow raised. "You mean you don't do that in the bathroom already?"
The Boy had the decency to blush. "Only sometimes...."
This is what my life is now; clearing up pee. If it's not on the bathroom floor or  beside the downstairs loo, it's on the kitchen floor. Thank God! I never got rid of the child gates so at least I can curtail the cat in one area; though I no longer have curtains and as for the Persian rug...let's just say it won't be back for some time.
I don't think either of my boys will have cats. Not after Pissy Woo's latest escapade; although I do actually blame it on a visiting puppy. We lost Agatha, or at least thought we had. The puppy had become rather too excited on seeing Miss Agatha Woo and had chased her away. We thought she was outside, a place she rarely goes as she hates the countryside being a town-born cat, but it seemed the only logical place.
I forget sometimes my cat's proclivity for small dark places.
We went out thinking she would come back.
We came back half an hour later and got ready for lunch, not cat.
I opened the dishwasher to get some clean plates and was met with an earsplitting caterwaul and an overriding stench of ammonia. Pissy Woo had done her stuff while shut in the dishwasher, how she got there I have no idea. After yelling at me adn mewling in complaint for five minutes she seemed none the worse for her incarceration, for which I thank god for dementia.
But as for the plates, well I decided we'd better have a picnic and put the dishwasher on again. I can only think that she jumped in there to escape the puppy earlier that morning. Thank heavens I am lazy housekeeper and had not put the clean crockery away, just imagine the scene had I had dirty stuff in there and had been more efficient...! It's tough having a cat with alzheimers or maybe she is just making a point.


resewn sally said...

Aww! Many cats don't make it to the age when they piss any and everywhere, let alone be lucky enough to have an owner like you who is willing to keep them and clean up after them! She's a lucky kitty!

Sal. XX

Little Red Hen said...

Good thing you didn't just turn the dishwasher on with the cat inside. Then she would have been really annoyed at you.

Spencer Park said...

As a dog person I'm afraid I don't like cats. My neighbours both have them and I spend most my time hissing at the awful things as they use my garden as a toilet.

Tattie Weasle said...

Redeem Sally - they say a pet is for life, bit like marriage vows really. And well, you do a lot for love...
Little Red Hen - yup she'd be really pissed at me! Poor saggy old cat...
Spencer Park - I'd be so lucky! Hate other people's cats in my garden as ell, my old girl dislikes the outdoors so it has never been a problem.

About Last Weekend said...

Oh I love pissy woo - she is worthy of her own reality series...have a fab weekend!

Rob-bear said...

Being a dog person myself, I will, nonetheless, refrain from casting aspersions. But, . . . well, no.

Tattie Weasle said...

About last weekend - i am so glad, she is a cat worthy of love! and as she gets older (15) her escapades become more eccentric so no doubt she'll give me plenty more to write about!
Rob- bear - possibly best not to, as my cat rarely forgives me!

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