Thursday, 28 July 2011

Get Some Passion In Your Lives!

Do you get passionate? Do you have a passion for something, anything no matter what? If you are passionate life is SO much easier.
Look at the great artists, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, designers, footballers, in fact look at anyone who is really successful and you will find a passionate being.
Problem is how did they get so passionate? What sparked them? Does it matter if you are young? Or if you consider yourself too old?
You can do great things with passion even if it is just for yourself.
But how do I inspire passion? How do I get my boys to be passionate about anything rather than just watching TV? Or maybe that is the point. I need to switch off the TV and make them do things, anything to get them moving and inquiring and busy.
Maybe that is what I need to do for myself…


Spencer Park said...

I've always sensed great passion in you Tattie. As for the boys all you can do is immerse them in things until they find something to be passionate about.

About Last Weekend said...

I'm starting to get quite passionate about blogging, used to feel that about journalism and dancing. Except for my youngest Cy, my kids are so unexcitable except when it comes to sugar cereal, but I'm hoping it will come!

Von said...

Exposure to many things will eventually produce something to feel passionate about.

Tattie Weasle said...

Spencer Park - I do hope they fnd something soon just because they would get so much fiun out of it if they did!
About Last Weekend - I'm hoping too!
Von - you are so right give them plenty of opportunities!

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