Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bringing up Boys: Imps and Angels

When one is good the other is bad and vice versa until I have no idea which way to turn. They drive me nuts! I know I should be deeply flattered but to be the object of their internecine war is not something I relish!
I find it difficult to keep a straight face sometimes and of course I must not ever be seen as partisan. Give any emotion away especially one of mild amusement and it is used to its fullest against the other with a blatancy that takes your breath away.
One will be sulking at table, swinging his legs in the hope of catching the other sharply on the knee, bottom lip out and eyebrows somewhere in the middle; the other will be beaming beatifically at me saying something along the lines of: “I love you Mummy! You are the best Mummy in the world!” and casting surreptitious gloat filled glances at his brother.
It’s right out of Horrid Henry but the thing is I don’t get the benefits of having a Perfect Peter round the house.
However, the thing I love the best, although it's not until afterwards that I can appreciate it, is when I tell one off for some misdemeanor and set about organising a punishment to fit the crime: usually banishment.
Then  it is surprising how often they will stick up for each other united against an evil foe. They will accompany each other in banishment even if the reason for the banishment is that one or the other punched, kicked, or even bit the other enought to make them come running to me for help in the first place.
If I ask one to say sorry then the other responds with sorry too even if they are not in the wrong. It makes me wonder if I am needed at all! Oh the dark looks I am given as they stalk off into the play room firmly shutting me out following an arbitration.
It is the one thing I always longed for as my sister an I did not have it, that bond, that ever lasting ( I hope) friendship.


Jude said...

My two are the same, and it's lovely to see. They'll fight like cat and dog, but when one gets into trouble, the other always sticks up for and sympathises with him, or tells me that they should be given a 'last chance'. I hope it continues!

Tattie Weasle said...

Jude - I love the last chance card it is always said with such seriousness!

Liz (LivingwithKids) said...

I love the fact that they stick up for each other, that's brilliant.

Tattie Weasle said...

Liz(Livingwithkids) - I love it too but I don't think I'll be so happy when they start to use it to cover up each others' misdemeanors!!!

Heather said...

ha ha ha, little tinkers. It's great that they are so close. My two are the same, they'll beat seven bells out of each other, screma and shout and coming running to mummy, tell tales on each other all that, but as soon as I tell one of them off they become a united front against mummy slamming doors and locking themselves away for a while.

It's quite nice, that quiet time afterwards when they are busy bonding and plotting. At least it means they aren't fighting for a change.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Love the immediacy of children and their black and white view of the world !
Meanwhile , as Wicked Witch Of The North , you get to drink a cup of coffee in peace .

Rob-bear said...

Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children!

Iota said...

Oh gosh, yes, I'd LOVE mine to be best friends. I sometimes imagine the wedding of one, with the other as best man, and that's enough to make me well up. Or sharing a flat together and having wild parties. Or going on holiday together. I'd love it if it works out that way, but you can't guarantee it. (Parenting = no guarantees.)

Lou said...

So true. I'm always the baddie in these instances!

Tattie Weasle said...

Heather - That time when they are bonding, the quiet after a storm! Haven't heard the phrase little tinkers for ages, just love it!
SmitoniusAndSonata - such a shame they never quite manage to keep being friend to allow me to finich my coffee!!!!
Rob-bear - Oh at last an excuse!
Iota - one has such plans and such hopes, I suppose we just have to learn to go with the flow!
Lou - just sometimes I wouldn't mind being on the side of angels!

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