Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Missing him like mad...

There is an unearthly silence in the house broken only by snapping crack of Blue tarpaulins that swathe half my house from eaves to foundations when they wave in the wind.
The dogs are silent.
The cats sleep.
I can’t even hear the chickens.
In fact I am focussing on the silence and it is so empty.
Because The Boy is not here.
He is not surreptitiously sneaking around his bedroom when he knows he should be in bed then pretending to be asleep when I look in. He’s not saying he needs to go for a wee or a poo or that he needs some water or a banana or in fact that he even needs me.
He’s with Granny and Grandpa.
And the hole a four year old leaves in a home when he’s not there is enormous! A four year old can’t help living, can’t help creating life. There are no toys scattered all over the sitting room; there are no crumbs or ketchuppy smears on the kitchen table, there are no towels littered around the bathroom, there is no trail of clothes leading to his bedroom door. His bed is not slept in.
I am counting the hours until his return and when he does then no doubt I will forget he’s ever been away and get annoyed about the toys not being put away, that all his clothes are everywhere they shouldn’t be, that he won’t go to bed when he’s told, that he’s pestering me when I am working, that he’s exhausting!
But until that time – I’m missing him like mad…..


ChrisH said...

Oh hell, Rose leaves tomorrow and I've got a lump in my throat already so big hug from me.

bodran... said...

Nell was away for 2 nights and came back this morning, and now shes driving me Mmmmaaaaadddd, but yep they leave "a big silent, tidy, gap" thats Horrible xxoo

toady said...

Littluns do leave a big hole when they're not around. I bet you go up to his room and sit on his bed. That's what I used to do. Toady

elizabethm said...

great when they go, great when they come back.

LittleBrownDog said...

Ah! Funnily enough, our Boy is on his annual visit to Granny & Gramps and, although I do undoubtedly miss him and the house feels very quiet, it's a mixed blessing - H and I have been out three times this week without recourse to babysitters.
He'll be back soon.

countrymousie said...

Oh - big hug from me - he will be back before you know it and driving you up the wall in no time with his questions again. Lots of happy grandparents around at the moment though I reckon with these hols.

Suffolkmum said...

They leave such a giant sized hole, these tiny mites, don't they? I sit in their room and breathe in the smell of them when they're not here too! Mind you, since the grandparents decided to relocate to Suffolk too, they don't go for trips away any more - and I miss 'me' time! No pleasing me!

Drunk Mummy said...

I feel like this too, when I have dropped mine off at school after yelling at them all morning.
I then resolve to be kinder and more patient when I pick them up in the afternoon. Inevitably I end up yelling again within the hour!

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