Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Eulogy for Miss Pissy Woo

Sisters: Agatha and Alice
My house is very quiet, apart from lazy buzzing of annoying cluster flies. The dogs don’t make much noise when they sleep unlike Miss Agatha Woo who’d purr all the time.
Did you note that? Dogs and flies in the present tense but Agatha is already in the past.
She’s not there in the morning as I struggle bleary-eyed to let the dogs out, yowling at me to give her some food; the all-pervading stench of ammonia from her night time ablutions fast becoming a faded memory. I feel more confident crossing the kitchen in bare feet within a few days of her demise. And although I never particularly liked treading in the proverbial be it cat poo, cat pee or cat sick I had become used to it and could gracefully wend my way over the kitchen floor to where I kept the bucket and mop seemingly blindfolded. It was a skill I was inordinately proud of; getting from Point A to Point B without anything squashing between my toes and all before I had had my first cup of tea.
My husband is calmer for not having to face such an obstacle course. In fact he can now get his own cup of tea first thing in the morning, which after several years of getting up at sparrows fart o’clock and foregoing said tea before catching the train to London with all the other work-oholics who need to be seen to be the first in and last out, must be kind of nice.
I can put things back on shelves that I never thought to see out again; the things that she’d always try to step over and round but latterly she’d just knock off. Many have been repaired, quite badly but I can’t look at those cracks without thinking of her and her quest NOT to have to touch the floor after it had been washed.
Curtains can go back up; shorter than they were but at least now they will stay clean. The table-cloth can come off the Kitchen table as she’s not there to gauge great scratches across its glossy top as she leaps up to get a better look at me and to, of course, look down upon the dogs.
Friends can now bring their dogs to our house knowing that Agatha Bagwash will not be there to corner them and make them wet themselves in fear – a neat party trick she enjoyed rather too much and one which nearly got her killed when she tried to take on a visiting Weimaraner who although blind had a very acute sense of smell.
He bolted after her and landed with his head stuck through the flap of the cat litter tray while she escaped by vaulting on to the Aga which was just to the side. She vaulted off pretty quick too as the Aga was on and I landed up buttering her paws and apologising to my friends for traumatising their dog.
Soon they will forget that she was ever there for how could they have loved her as I did?
She’ll be a few words on a page that no one will read, some faded old photographs of a cat their mother once had to be thrown away as a load of old junk as they sort me out  to move into the old people’s home before I too become the past…
Agatha Bagwash
(latterly Miss Pissy Woo)
1 June 1996 – 15 October 2011
Agatha Bagwash: Summer 2010


Von said...

I'm so very sorry but so understand the relief not to be clearing up each day.We adored our old girl but really let her keep struggling just that bit too long.There are constant reminders, the memories are recalled and fondly recounted.When it's time it's time.

mrsnesbitt said...

I am sat here crying - just keep identifying with my blogging friends and what they say.

RIP Miss Pissy Woo. xxx

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to hear of Miss Agatha's demise.
Blessings and Bear hugs!

Tattie Weasle said...

Von - thank you it is a relief but a sad one. I am happy that Agatha died her own way in her sleep purring I am told to the end. No obvious signs of pain, but definitely time.
Mrsnesbitt - please don't cry she was a wonderful character who even got a story about her demise that raised a laugh and has gone into village legend, I was away when she died. My best friend Jay was house sitting when it happened. Bad luck many would say unfortunately for poor Jay this is the second time it has happened at my house. He was on duty when Agatha's sister Alice died...the wits in the village are already saying everyone must lock up their kitties and laughing uproariously. And Jay loves cats!
Rob bear - thank you. Hugs much appreciated!

Mother Hen said...

I hate loosing a bit and feel for you. sad days.

resewn sally said...

A loss of a great character and companion no doubt! So sorry for your loss. RIP Miss Pissy Woo. (((Hugs)))
Sal. X

moors-mummy said...

I know that feeling too,a friend gone but never forgotten. I find it doesn't seem right without a cat curled up somewhere in the house. I would be lost without mine!

RIP Miss Pissy Woo xxx

Sandie said...

Ah bless! Strange some memories we can recall of our furry friends!
She was quite a character 'eh?
May she rest in peace.


Sandie xx

Mud said...

She won't be forgotten and she was family, not to mention a much loved part of all your lives. RIP Agatha.

Marcheline said...

Sorry to hear this. Hugs.


Expat mum said...

Awww. so sorry.
One suggestion - slippers? (Not that it sounds like you'll need them now.)

TheMadHouse said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Mr Smudge has been gone a year now and I still think I see him everywhere

Ladybird World Mother said...

RIP Miss Agatha... I SO get the tiptoeing round the floor, bypassing poo, sick and wee. Although it could be just anyone in my house. Lots of love... always sad to lose a cat, as they really are a part of our history. xxx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I imagine it's a blessing as so many passings of sick animals are but we never stop missing them. They leave a huge gaping hole in our hearts but they also leave memories we will cherish forever.

God bless, CJ xx

Zoë said...

So sad - reading this it could have been the iGit discussing the MiaCat. She is still with us, but is fond of leaving 'messages' for us too.


The mum of all trades said...

This is a lovely post, sad but lovely memories to read.

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Im so sad for you. I love my kitties with all my heart and I understand how you have to just live with their eccentricities and eventual difficulties--they're members of the family after all. And I know we have to let go of them at some point. But it's still sad. Hugs x

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