Thursday, 12 May 2011

BlogCamp/Cybermummy11 - salutatory lesson on how NOT to dress for the occasion!

I'm wearing Sloppy Joe's, my trusty wrangler jeans, a white T-shirt and cardy; it's bliss. I've been at Blogcamp in London all day looking like an advert for the perfect 1950s housewife(apart from the hair and make-up) and to say I felt like a flounder in a pod of dolphins would be an understatement. It was a salutatory lesson in how NOT to dress for the occasion!
Everyone at BlogCamp looked so comfortable and stylish in their clothes and then there was me in a Phase Eight newlook skirt, fashionable green twinset, ill fitting shoes, all terribly smart and ever so slightly earnest, trying desperately to keep smiling when I was howling inside: Why didn't I just wear my jeans and my new fab tunic from FatFace and have done with it?
I know you shouldn't judge people by what they wear but it's a bit like watching an actor on stage just by the look of their clothes you know what to think about them. You have assumptions as to how their character will be. And as the actor wearing the clothes you move and sound different to your everyday self.
My everyday self is a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal not a smart skirt and twinset Girl with Pearls. So why, oh why did I do it?!
Nerves made me do it! Damn those pesky nerves.
I suppose I wanted to show that I was a mature woman who knows what she's on about and in my mind that goes with wearing clothes I think a woman should i.e. a skirt.
But it changes me as I so very rarely wear skirts for everyday. I feel ever so slightly self conscious and then act like a ditz. I take on the persona of my clothes. Bugger.
Especially when I started chatting to a great writer who just happens to specialise in politics and feminism. Subjects that I am very interested in and want to know a lot more about.
Serious Foot-in-mouth.
I asked a her how long she'd been blogging, what she blogged about; then instead of thinking straight and going something like: "God that's brill! What are you writing about at the moment and letting her lead the conversation, I say something crass about SlutWalk. She replies politely about having reservations about the name, I quickly agree and say I don't think it's a terribly helpful name and how I am turning into my mother and sounding even to myself like a patronising prude. I then go on to talk about the places I've worked being very male dominated and land up apologising for my clothes - it's no wonder she high-tailed it to the other side of the room. From then on in I was highly self conscious. I blame it on the clothes.
However I have learnt my lesson on how NOT to dress for the occasion so when I next go to CyberMummy/Blogcamp I will dress not as I think I ought but in clothes that I feel comfortable in, that are practical, and more me. Perhaps then I won't frighten the natives - but don't count on it!


Jude said...

I have a tendency to do the opposite - always dress for comfort, and then find that everyone else has dressed up for the occasion, so that I feel like the complete slummy mummy. I've signed up for the Blogcamp in Manchester next month and I'm nervous already!

Von said...

Ah yes, comfort, a big plus for feeling ourselves and confident.Bet you looked nice though in twinset and pearls!! I had an artist acquaintance who, living the casual life we do in these parts, always wore pearls to the beach and a cashmere coat in Winter..different comfort zone.
Ps word verification is milaydi!!

Tattie Weasle said...

Von- just love the verification so apt darling! artists are so lucky they are expected to go counter to societal expectation, what freedom! but as you say comfort is different for all of us. I just prefer jeans most of the time!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, my, this could be me!! I always go and dress in things I NEVER would wear normally, thinking it will add a little 'something' to the occasion, and end up feeling like a complete plonker... and furious with myself that I wasnt in my trusty jeans and cardy... which suits me just fine. TATTIE!! We love you anyway, esp me as I know just what you look like, which is gorgeous. Agreed, go for jeans. Then you can relax and enjoy. xxx

Tattie Weasle said...

Ladybird world mother- you're wonderful, thank you. It's good to know there are others out there who think of themselves as plonkers on the dress front!

Joanne Mallon said...

Hey, at least you proved you have a wardrobe and didn't come dressed as your blog, like I did!

I saw your name badge in passing and intended to say hello and thanks for all the comments on my blog, but never managed to catch you again at BlogCamp, so have to say it now: Hello and thank you.

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