Tuesday, 18 November 2008

For a dog…

My eyes ache with unshed tears
And I am oh so tired
The lassitude of grief has taken over
I travel in a cocoon
All is muted
All is numb.
Neither hot nor cold.
The chimes from the clock are from another world
Out of time with mine.
And why do I mourn?
For a dog. For a dog.
But it is more than that.
It is for all the other griefs
For all I have not been able to mourn
It is for the guilt
For the things done wrong
For the things done not well.
Things only he bore witness to
For the links to the past, which will never be again.
For the betrayal of trust,
Promises not kept
I sigh, such a deep heartfelt sigh
Give my self up to the inevitable
And cry.
For a dog. For a dog.


Potty Mummy said...

Thinking of you Tattie.

Pipany said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Tattie. Thinking of you xx

Sally's Chateau said...

'Which only he bore witness to', how very true Tattie but he bore witness to all the good things too, take care. x

Anonymous said...

Oh Tattie - do not be embarrassed. He was not 'just a dog' but a part of the family.

Thinking of you.

lampworkbeader said...

Very moving, Tattie.

bodran... said...

Oh no i've only just found this .
You've lost one of your mates horrible horrible xx and the poem made my throat hurt xxo

Calico Kate said...

Brought back memories of my own loss January 2007 ‘Clara’, Lurcher aged 16.
They are so not JUST a dog but a truly huge part of the family. Go as gently on yourself as you can.

Tattie Weasle said...

Thank you all so much

mountainear said...

Oh Tattie, just found this. True, all true. Thinking of you.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh I am sad for you. I have read the more recent post and know that you are OK. But what a sad thing.
Have no idea who, what, why you are ,but send love and sympathy anyway. Poor poor you.XXX

Reluctant Runner said...

Wow ... your poem is beautiful and really captures the whole experience of losing a beloved animal. Thanks.

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